Who is it to decide who should be together? Isn't it the choice of the two peopl

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    Msfit31posted 7 years ago

    Who is it to decide who should be together? Isn't it the choice of the two people that are...

    together? If there's an issue between those two, honesty and trust should be the key. The truth will always come out no matter what. People can't live on hear-say and assumptions. People can have their opinion on how a person chooses to live their own life. That's all it is, an opinion...it's up to the couple to decide where to take it from there. So, why do people try to come in and try to destroy that?

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    atienzaposted 7 years ago

    The person must have something to gain by the couple not being together. Jealousy is usually the cause of a person trying to breakup a couple. If it is a parent, they might fear losing a close relationship with their child. If it is a friend, the reason could be the same (losing a friend). Another thing about parents is that they often think no one is good enough for their child, especially a daughter.

    Another reason could be concern for one of the people involved in the relationship. If the person suspects, or has evidence that someone is cheating, lying or hiding something from the other half the person may try to give the "victimized party" a heads up. If a person suspects, mental, physical or emotional abuse is happening this might also motivate them.

    Another option is that the person wants to see the couple apart so they can slide in and take the partner. Example: the person wants your man (or woman) so they work hard to get you out of the picture. Or maybe they want you, so they try to get your partner out of the picture.

    To make a long story short, they are either concerned or they are jealous. And yes you are right, it is the couple's business if they want to be together, and yes if there is anything "going on" the truth usually comes out one way or another. Hearsay is not concrete evidence, it's just gossip if there's no proof.

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    Sunny2o0oposted 6 years ago

    Sometimes warning signs are also apparent to people who aren't in the relationship--ie. caught up in the "love bubble."  If someone that you're closed to strongly disapproves of the relationship because he/she is concerned about you, that person gets caught in the middle and things can be quite difficult for him/her.  Said person may or may not be right in her/his concerns, but if you've getting a strongly negative and justifiable reason (not, he's black and black people are scum, or he's Asian and all Asians are liars--something based on character, like he's dishonest, or manipulative, ect.), it may be worth taking a step back to consider where these people are coming from.