Has anybody actually read the Health Care Reform Bill?

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  1. easyspeak profile image68
    easyspeakposted 14 years ago

    Has anybody actually read this bill?  There are lots of information and misinformation floating around.

    One question I have is...will you still be able to keep your current doctor?  I've heard conservatives say 'no' and Obama says 'yes'...who is telling the truth?

  2. ledefensetech profile image69
    ledefensetechposted 14 years ago

    The real question is this:  "Do you feel comfortable with letting the government make your health care decisions for you?".  That's basically what you're doing if you allow this health care "reform" to go through.

  3. RooBee profile image83
    RooBeeposted 14 years ago

    ..as opposed to a privatized system wherein the insurance companies and medical "care" providers work hand-in-hand to create the most lucrative situation for them and NOT the patient? Claims investigation (trying to find a way not to have to pay for your services) is by far the biggest and most important branch of any health insurance company and we all know that medicine today is a highly for-profit venture with 5-minute visits and misdiagnoses being more the rule than the exception.
    To answer the question: YEAH RIGHT! smile I don't know if even the politicians have read the entire thing!
    I'm not touting this particular bill as I'm not in a position to do that. However, I don't believe many who oppose it are, either.
    As usual, most people have jumped to the furthest extreme possible and begun to sling crap at eachother while not having researched the basic information they claim to be arguing over.

    1. ledefensetech profile image69
      ledefensetechposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      That's not a private system, that's a fascist one.  Corporatism is not equal to a free market system.

    2. RooBee profile image83
      RooBeeposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      PS- just saw this and wanted to clarify that the last little bit was not directed at posters here, more of an 'in general' comment. I usually re-read my posts before hitting 'submit' but I must not have done that bc in reading it now I see that the tone is different than what I intended. I tend to get a wee bit embittered toward 'the system' but not at my dear fellow hubbers. mmmuah *blows kisses*

  4. Pearldiver profile image66
    Pearldiverposted 14 years ago

    The key to seeing a doctor, without all the drama like this; is to invite him to 18 Holes. And loose by 1 Stroke or a Bloodtest smile

  5. Ron Montgomery profile image60
    Ron Montgomeryposted 14 years ago

    No, it's like the recipe for coca-cola.  No one has the complete version.

  6. jiberish profile image80
    jiberishposted 14 years ago

    I have read as much as I could on: http://thomas.loc.gov/   But Nothing is clear, most things are yet to be announced.

  7. easyspeak profile image68
    easyspeakposted 14 years ago

    I wonder if there's a watchdog group out there that has cataloged any earmarks which Obama promised doing away with.

  8. SparklingJewel profile image67
    SparklingJewelposted 14 years ago

    Seems to me the most important thing to be looking at right now  is that they are trying to push this 1100 page thing through without spending sufficient time reading and comprehending it.

    As well as having some genuine dialogue about it all. Of, course congress has no vested interest...they will never have to live under a medical regime not of their choosing...they have the best money can buy...our tax dollars that pay their salary and their health-care.

    All of this really pisses me off. How dare they be so damn partisan, pig-headed and ignorant about our (the citizens) healthcare future. I think they all need to be kicked out, and we start with some new government people...can't wait for the next election.

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image89
      Rochelle Frankposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Yes!-- The real question is: Have any of the legislators even read it?
      Like the "Stimulus" bill-- "It has to be passed NOW!- before anyone understands it, before any citizens get to give input to representatives. This is the part that I find bothersome.

  9. Randy Godwin profile image59
    Randy Godwinposted 14 years ago

    The answer is nope, but I didn't read the Patriot act either.  I doubt many of us have read very many bills in their entirety for a long time as they all seem to be massive and complicated.  Of course they are all purposely made that way, aren't they?

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image89
      Rochelle Frankposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Of course! and that's the problem.

  10. habee profile image93
    habeeposted 14 years ago

    I have read about 400 pages of the bill, and it seems to me that both sides are exaggerating the positive and negative points. There are, however, parts of the bill that I find troubling. I sincerely hope our congressmen take the time to fully understand this verbose piece of legislation before it becomes the law of the land.

  11. ledefensetech profile image69
    ledefensetechposted 14 years ago

    There really is a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

  12. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 14 years ago

    It's over 1,000 pages so I highly doubt that any one person has read the entire thing.

    I have read through some of it. I find much of it highly disturbing. I am deeply disturbed that there is even a bill on the table to essentially drive private health insurance companies that are providing valuable services to their satisfied clients out of business. Sure, if the bill passes you MIGHT be able to keep your health care plan, providing that the company is still able to stay in business (highly unlikely).

    Never would I have dreamed that the industry would be able to be shot down like this and the pharmaceutical industry would be backing something like this. Don't they realize that government operates under different ramifications then private businesses? Sure they'll make more money if everyone is eligible for prescriptions, but what's to say the gov will pay their bills on time? If the U.S. has purchased $10 billion in drugs from Pfizer and can't pay for it all at once, there is no one to force them to do so. If a private pharmacy ordered $10 billion (maybe million is more relevant here) in drugs and was lacking in funds to pay the drug company back, you could be darn sure that legal action would ensue. This health insurance (pseudo health care) plan is not at all sustainable. It will run out of funding. I don't believe it will succeed. I've seen examples of other state run health care programs that have to jack up prices on their premiums in order to make ends meet. The irony of it is that these programs were started to assist poor families with insurance. That's wonderful, but now the families have to receive tax credits to help pay for the jacked up prices on their state health insurance. It's a disaster.

    I am also curious (haven't been able to find the answer yet) if generic prescriptions will be available anymore. Since I learned that the pharm industry was backing this, I have been wondering if the government will be 'allowed' to purchase $15 prescriptions instead of $50 prescriptions.

    I don't like to discuss policy online as it's pretty pointless, but I thought I had to add in my two cents. I'm just really frustrated about the entire thing.

  13. ledefensetech profile image69
    ledefensetechposted 14 years ago

    Big business is supporting this because they get something out of it.  Namely, more barriers to entry set in place by the government so they don't have to fear competition.  It's an old story really.  It would be kind of funny if the effects of such a relationship were not so deadly.

  14. nicomp profile image62
    nicompposted 14 years ago

    No need to read the bill... just listen to what BHO says when he has a room full of supporters

    http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/polit … 99182.html

  15. Michael Willis profile image68
    Michael Willisposted 14 years ago

    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has a small summarized version Sunday. It showed several version of the Democratic plan by the commitees working on the health care plan.
    The top issue on all of these was the Mandated health care coverage by ALL people or be fined/charged fees if you don't purchase insurance.
    This is exactly what the Industries of the medical system want. More people = more dollars for them. Lower costs will not happen if people are forced to buy the insurances. And I didn't see major changes in treatments/options. Big winner---Insurance,Hospitals,Doctors and Pharmaceuticals.

  16. SparklingJewel profile image67
    SparklingJewelposted 14 years ago

    here is a link to the library of congress, to read the bill

    to me, it is not just the bill that is the problem, it is the interpretations that come out of it becuase of the way it is written that create more problems


  17. SparklingJewel profile image67
    SparklingJewelposted 14 years ago

    here is one representative's interpretation of the "scary parts"

    http://www.usacarry.com/forums/off-topi … pages.html


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