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Who do you think was the best president of the United States?

  1. the50marathons17 profile image83
    the50marathons17posted 7 years ago

    Who do you think was the best president of the United States?

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    Ghost32posted 7 years ago

    It depends on how you define "best".   FDR heads the list for many a liberal, but you won't find many votes for the New Dealer coming from the conservative side of the political spectrum.  In more recent times, Reagan gets a lot of conservative laurels, but he's hardly universally loved, either.

    Take your pick!

  3. xrocker30 profile image76
    xrocker30posted 7 years ago

    George Washington. Without him we would be far from what we are today. He set many foundations that later Presidents lived by such as resigning after 2 terms of office (although now that's a law). But back when George Washington was president, he could have been elected over and over again because of his overwhelming popularity. Instead he chose to set an example for future presidents and resign because he knew that the power of corruption would get to anyone if they were president too long.  He also proved himslef over and over again by setting good examples and foundations.

  4. johnjones profile image58
    johnjonesposted 7 years ago

    Abraham Lincoln is the best president of the United States.

  5. the50marathons17 profile image83
    the50marathons17posted 7 years ago

    Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated.

  6. Billrrrr profile image82
    Billrrrrposted 6 years ago

    Harry Truman.  He had to make perhaps the most difficult decision of any president.  Lincoln did not really make the decision to enter the Civil War, it was made by the events of the time.  Washington was a first rate general and got the country off to a good start.  Kennedy's  mark must be 'incomplete'.  FDR was the longest serving president and perhaps the most pragmatic.
    Who would  be the best choice for the next president?  Oprah might be the top of the crop. I would follow her anywhere.  Trump might be good.  Hillary could probably do a good job.  How bout George Clooney?  No.  I don't think Ameican would ever vote for an actor for President.