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Who is ideal woman for you and why?

  1. Santoshwrites profile image58
    Santoshwritesposted 7 years ago

    Who is ideal woman for you and why?

    My ideal woman is Sindhutai Sakpal she has done lots of social work to improve the conditions of Women in India recently the film was also came on her life how she live her life in tuff conditions of Maharashtra India and became social reformer and ideal for Indian Women.
    And yes my Mother if she is not gave me birth then I was also not here to ask this question.

  2. Shahid Bukhari profile image59
    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    This is a question, called an arbitrary Question ...

    The Woman, is as much human, as a Man is ... and an Ideal, is the Pair ... not a Male, or Female, singly !

    The Ideal Woman, for a Man ... is a Woman, and the Ideal Man, for a Woman ... is a Man ... Period.

    The rest depends, on the Two, accommodating each others weaknesses and shortcomings ... Never forget, we are mortal humans, and life's short, for indulging in personal Idealisms.

  3. ArtzGirl profile image79
    ArtzGirlposted 7 years ago

    Great question...

    My own mother modeled to me a lot of strength of conviction in what she did professionally speaking.  She had an inner sense of conviction about genuinely helping people and making the world a better place around you. My family was in a very conservative profession, and from an early age -- taught me  to "dress the part"-- with paying attention to how you are dressed, wearing a pleasing fragrance, and exhibiting good taste in makeup application and styles.  She used the term "Lady-like", which was a standard to live up to.

    I will always be thankful to my Mom for being such a classic role model for me.  She was always the perfect "lady", and maintained that throughout her entire life.


    Other women that I look up to--
    Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey, Ann Richards, Amelia Earheart, and at times Hilary Clinton (although I don't agree with all of her political decisions, etc...).

    I admire a number of singers and actresses for their professional accomplishments such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Tina Celine Dion, Christina Aguelera, Jewel, Barbara Streisand, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Anniston, etc.... 

    We are very lucky to have such talented singers and actresses that demonstrate many different reflections of "who" the ideal woman is-- and why.

    We are surrounded by women on TV, in the movies, and in magazines that look great in their clothing, makeup, and the feminine mannerisms that the camera catches glimpses of.  However, I feel that often these images are empty shells and don't have a lot of depth.

  4. maria.rose profile image36
    maria.roseposted 7 years ago

    nice question i appreciate your question   i have 3 ideal women in the world 1st  my mom , 2nd mother Teresa  and 3rd one is lady Diana....

    my mom : she is ideal mom of the world she is caring , loving ...........

    mother Teresa  :  she was internationally famed as a humanitarian and advocate for the poor and helpless,

    lady Diana was a member of the British royal family and an international personality of the late 20th century as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales,

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    Dandraposted 7 years ago

    Shilpa Shetty,                                                                                         .

  6. DonDWest profile image61
    DonDWestposted 7 years ago

    Joan of Arc, and not the silly little character we see in some of the badly made movies, but the real historical Joan of Arc.

    I consider Joan of Arc to be one of the first to recognize the ills of colonialism/imperialism/globalization. Nasty homogenic stuff to which I'm hardly a fan. . .

  7. feenix profile image60
    feenixposted 6 years ago

    Personally, there is no such thing as an "ideal woman" for me. When I choose be with particular woman, it because I love or care for her, or because I like her style. She does not have to possess certain attributes or characteristics, nor does she have to look a certain way or carry herself in what could be described as a "proper way for a woman to behave".

    Yes, when it comes to the woman, or women, in my life, I only go where my heart takes me. I do not search for any "special or qualified types".