How did JFK change Amercia

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    dbeauleiuposted 7 years ago

    How did JFK change Amercia

    need to write an argumentative paper supporting a thesis on how JFK shaped America

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    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Outside of making some flowery speeches sprinkled with quotes of other famous people, Kennedy did not do much to changes America in his short time in office.  America was changed by his presence more so than his actions or programs.  His vision for going to the moon and conquering space were put into place in his early speeches, his stand on Cuba earned America much respect in the world including that of the Soviet Union, his interest in civil rights began a trend which other presidents felt compelled to follow, and ultimately, his assasination, once and for all steered America off the road of naive thinking once and for all.  Had he lived, the Vietnam War might have never been an issue in America as he had already expressed his doubts on our involvement. A president really cannot accomplish much in his first two years in office but Kennedy certainly left behind a legacy that influenced a lot of things in his name.  In the minds of Americans, he is a greater president in death than he probably could have been in life had he served his terms of office.  WB