Who's Hiding All the Oil?

  1. cindi h profile image60
    cindi hposted 6 years ago

    Who's Hiding All the Oil?

    This link was sent to me in an email. If you can believe it, it leads to a major conspiracy regarding the vast amounts of oil buried in the U.S.
    What or who do you think is behind this?

  2. OriginArtz profile image58
    OriginArtzposted 6 years ago

    I think the government is hiding all the oil. There's too much conspiracy these days that it is frightening to live.

  3. danthehandyman profile image74
    danthehandymanposted 6 years ago

    Obama. Just joking, kind of.
    The amount of oil in a reserve is guess-i-mated from a series of exploratory wells drilled strategically but spaced apart. By luck (or lack thereof) you can drill next to a deposit and report dry, where 1,000 feet away you might hit a gas pocket and have a gusher. These wells are expensive to drill, and no one is going to drill hundreds of them just to tell you there is a lot of oil. They will only drill when they can reasonably expect to extract the oil they find and make some money (actually a lot of money).
    Obama's drilling policy has made it uneconomical for developers to explore in the USA, because there are no guarantees they can get a permit for the production wells. We are now paying for that policy at the gas pump.
    In addition to the oil in the Bakken Formation, there is also a huge reserve of natural gas in the Appalachian Mountains recently discovered and being exploited in Pennsylvania. Both ‘discoveries’ have huge financial impacts, especially finding a gigantic gas reserve so close to the east coast population zones.
    Maybe Americans can let their politicians know that until ‘green’ technologies become economically feasible, we should be exploring and drilling.