Do you think we have a progressive tax structure in the US?

  1. W.W. Wickett profile image36
    W.W. Wickettposted 7 years ago

    Do you think we have a progressive tax structure in the US?

    Tell me how you view the tax system in the US? This isn't meant to only look at the federal income tax rate, though that is an important part. I also want you to consider/include all sales/property/capital gains/interest/investment/etc.. taxes as well and bundle it into a complete package. Then make the call, is it progressive or not? Progressive here means putting the largest burden on those who can most easily handle it instead of requiring equal payments from everyone.

  2. loua profile image61
    louaposted 7 years ago

    The tax system in the US is archaic, obsolete and antiquated and it is progressively getting worst by attrition because it is the same futile system used by the tyranny of the tyrants in the olden days except it is less obvious. The burden of taxation and its degradation is placed on the souls that labor for the tyrants of industry to get richer at the expense of the poor and their ecology.

    Here is an example analogy of the above scenario - foot ball and other sports are the new age rendition of gladiators, the only difference is the death rate, it is less in the equation - the injury and propagation of decadence is the same more for less mentality. The exclusive-negativity of manipulation, usury and advantage of old is still alive and well in every aspect of sports and the economic systems of today, this is the strangle hold on the capitalist-soul, its ego...

    The only way to stem the tide of the negative-manipulation of power, wealth and responsibility is to develop a system that is fair equitable and just; what is on the table as a system at present has the opposite quality of the positive elements of fairness equitability and justice-effect. 

    A standardized consumer driven worker owned and operated resource based economic system, essentially a system operating by the principle of NASH EQUILIBRIUM where all incentive and reward is based on equitable competition in which the individuals who use, hoard or possess resources pay the taxes accordingly along with those who modify or degrade the ecology all others pay no tax. Only those who use the resources of the earth pay taxes to retain the quality of the ecology, easy as that. The more you use the more you pay based on a standard measure of value, wealth and worth... The more capacity, ability and potential you bring to the table the more your reward of value, wealth and worth... Not too hard to comprehend; but oh so easy to ignore in the present corrupt system of manipulation, usury and advantage...



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