Obama-Acorn Ties, Association goes back 20yrs.

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  1. lostgirlscat profile image60
    lostgirlscatposted 9 years ago

    President Obama has taken great pains to act as if he is barely aware of Acorns' existence. In fact, his association with them goes back twenty years.
       In 1991, he took time off from his law firm
    to run a voter registration drive for Project Vote, an Acorn partner that later came under the Acorn umbrella.  He became a top trainer at Acorns' Chicago conferences.                   
       In 1995, he became Acorns' attorney,participating in a landmark case to force the State of Illinois to implement the federal Motor Voter Law. That laws' loose voter registration requirements would later be exploited by Acorn employees in an effort to flood voter rolls with fake names.
        In 1996, Obama filled out a questionaire listing key supporters for his campaign for the Illinois Senate.
    He listed Acorn first.
    It was not an alphabetical list.
        In 2007, he gave a speech to Acorns' leaders, prior to their endorsement of his presidential campaign. Obama stated: "I've been fighting alongside issues you care about my ENTIRE career."
        The Obama campaign also gave Citizens Consulting Inc., the accounting arm of Acorn, $832,000 for Get-Out-The-Vote activities in key primary states. In filings with the F.E.C., his campaign listed the payments as "staging, sound, and lighting." After the Pittsburgh Tribune-Reveiw revealed the true nature of the contributions, the Obama campaign "corrected" their filings.
         Given the facts of Obamas' long-standing, intimate relationship wth Acorn, his professions of ignorance, and more than that, non-interest, are preposterous.
         And if, in some Twightlight Zone version of reality, actually true, what does that say of the competence of this President to lead our nation through these perilous reefs, when he does not recognise that it is his closest allies that are the Sirens calling our ships to founder on the fatal rocks.
         Acorn in 2006, estimated the monetary value of its' successful activism over the previous decade at $15 billion.

         Not worthy of your notice?  Indeed, Mr. Obama.

    1. profile image56
      Native Sonposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      President Obama is very good at ignoring questions about his legitimacy or involvement with an organization or situation.  His birth certificate for starters... the simple way to quell that storm was to produce the document, not seal the records.  Grandma dies at a real convenient time to keep everything nice and tidy in regards to his origins.  Reverend Wright.  Bill Ayers.  Blagoyovich.  Skip Gates... let's have a beer?  Van Jones... here today, gone tomorrow.  ACORN!

      I think that he has done so well with deflecting a lot of negative affiliations because he keeps coming up with a new crisis every week.  I'm tired of being in crisis mode... which we've been in ever since he took the oval office.  If the news cycle ever slows, he's in trouble with all of the skeletons that he is stuffing in that closet of his.

      Come to think of it, Obama throws that "let's have a beer" line around about as gracefully as John Kerry when he talked about getting one of "them there hunting licenses" during the 2004 campaign.

  2. Real Estate Lady profile image61
    Real Estate Ladyposted 9 years ago

    Just one of his many lies.

    1. lostgirlscat profile image60
      lostgirlscatposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      How many does it take?  Looking at recent polls, it seems that the gild is wearing off this presidential lily, even to some of his previous most ardent supporters.

  3. profile image0
    Madame Xposted 9 years ago

    Now that ACORN's ship is sinking Obama wants to distance himself as fast as he can. Kind of like he did with Jeremiah Wright.

    1. lostgirlscat profile image60
      lostgirlscatposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      The list of people Obama has had to distance himself from, or claim "no knowledge" of their activities, grows longer daily, it seems.  A hub in itself, just listing the names.

    2. lostgirlscat profile image60
      lostgirlscatposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      The list of people Obama has had to distance himself from, or claim "no knowledge" of their activities, grows longer daily, it seems.  A hub in itself, just listing the names.


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