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    s kumari kuselanposted 8 years ago

    For every individual wants to make a progress and to develop his or her potential. for this purpose, they must have the freedom to express their opinion, the freedom to choose a profession,the freedom to roam around freely and so on. The condition that are necessary for the development of an individual are called 'rights.

      Fundamental Rights: Citizens 'rights which are included in the constitution are known as 'Fundamental Rights'.

    1.Right to Equality: this right ensures that the government cannot discriminate against citizens on the grounds of religion,race,caste,sex and place of birth.similarly all citizen are equal before law and get equal protection of law.all citizen have equal right to use public places and facilities
    2.Right to freedom:Indian citizen have six freedom they are as follows 
    a)freedom to speech and expression:Indian citizens have freedom of speech and expression .they are free to express their thoughts through various media.
    b)freedom to assembly:Indian citizens have freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms
    c)freedom to association:Indian citizens have freedom to attain certain common objectives .Indian citizens have the freedom to establish organizations for this purpose.
    d)freedom to movement:Indian citizens have the freedom to move freely anywhere in the country
    e)freedom of residency:Indian citizens have freedom to reside and settle permanently anywhere in the country