Do You Think The World Economy Will Be In Recession in 2012?

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  1. Rock_nj profile image91
    Rock_njposted 7 years ago

    Do You Think The World Economy Will Be In Recession in 2012?

  2. acaetnna profile image70
    acaetnnaposted 7 years ago

    Absolutely , for sure.  The writing is on the wall right now.

  3. Borsia profile image43
    Borsiaposted 7 years ago

    First we are in a depression not a recession.
    Claimed unemployment is over 9%, but real unemployment, that is unemployment not counted by weasels and misfits, is over 22%.
    That is the highest since 1940. At the height of the Great Depression in 1935 the rate was 25%.
    You have to take into consideration how all of the numbers that determine national statistics have been manipulated.
    JFK didn't like the high unemployment numbers during his reign so he changed the way we count the unemployed. Since then they only count unemployment filings within 6 months. So everyone who has been unemployed longer than that or who is underemployed is dropped out of the counting.

    Inflation is another that has been "modified" originally it was calculated based on a "shopping basket" filled with the things we normally buy. Name brand products, specific types of meat, utilities and such.
    But that was changed because it showed too much inflation (IE; reality) so now instead of Kellogg's Corn Flakes they use whatever the cheapest no name flake, not necessarily corn, they can find. The original basket used salmon as the fish, now it is whatever they can find the cheapest. They moved may things, like gasoline, out of the basket completely.

    During the last 50+ years virtually all of the methods used to accurately figure things like the GDP have been altered to favor the picture presented to the American people, IE; lies and fantasies.

    As to 2012 it is going to be worse. Basically there is nothing changing to make it any better.
    The US will continue to try to rule the world even though there is no way to support the trillions of dollars we waste doing it. We will still be in at least 2 wars possibly 3 if Israel attacks Iran. America will stay in NATO and the UN and will be involved with the IMF and the Federal Reserve.

    The only candidate who is even talking about all these things is Ron Paul and it isn't very likely he will get elected.

    Obama's "Jobs bill" is nothing more than thinly veiled government contracts to put people to work at the expense of taxpayers. It is unlikely that anything will be done which might create anything but more national debt.

  4. ambassadornchains profile image61
    ambassadornchainsposted 7 years ago

    Unfortunately, I definitely think we will be.


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