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  • Mmm ... On Valentine's Day!

    Mmm ... On Valentine's Day!

    11 years ago

    Everyday is always Valentine's Day, but even so we will still celebrate the actual Valentine's Day because we are completely in love. Valentine's Day is simply another day when we can show each other and the world, what we mean to one other. The...

  • An Ultimate Love Potion

    An Ultimate Love Potion

    11 years ago

    Love to me is everything, it is my key to life.The most beautiful experience in the world. It cannot be seen or be touched, but can always be felt in one's heart. You are my ultimate love potion. The Ultimate Love Potion ...

  • Our Love is Real

    Our Love is Real

    11 years ago

    We always knew that our love was different and would stand the test of time. Our hearts were completely made just for each other, in this world and beyond. Our Love is Real This love is real We know for certain The waves of time...

  • I Want You Even More

    I Want You Even More

    11 years ago

    We share each day, we share every word of love and emotion. How deep is our love, only God and we will ever know. Is it possible to love anymore completely, when I want you even more? This love of ours gets better and better. ...

  • Love is Like a Sunbeam

    Love is Like a Sunbeam

    12 years ago

    Love is such a powerful and deeply special emotion. Somehow it takes over one's whole being. To find a deep and profound love is such a remarkable feeling. I simply cannot stop thinking about this special partner in my life. Without him my world...

  • Living in Your Heart

    Living in Your Heart

    12 years ago

    When you love someone, truly love them, then you want to tell the whole world. Our hearts seem to beat as one and we know we're in love. We often know what each other is thinking and even when we are far away we know what each other is doing. I...

  • Forever Love on Valentine's Day

    Forever Love on Valentine's Day

    11 years ago

    This Love on Valentine's Day I've said it before, many times actually. When you are in love you want the whole world to know. This love of ours is so incredible I want you to share the whole day and night, through and through. He says...

  • Completely in Love

    Completely in Love

    12 years ago

    I shall sing this from the roof tops and so you'll realise. This love will last forever and until the end of time. Each and every one of us has the power to love, to love so completely. It is just a matter of time until your true love is found. It...

  • In Love at Christmas Time

    In Love at Christmas Time

    12 years ago

    To love and to truly be loved, to share such an amazing emotion with another human being is such a blessing and a privilege. At Christmas time somehow emotions rise and intensify.To share such a special time of year with a lover and soul mate is so...

  • A Heart That's So True

    A Heart That's So True

    12 years ago

    An intense and lasting love is the ultimate prize. What is it about love, how do we know, how do we know for sure that this is true love? Well I can tell you for sure, you will simply know right from the start. Love is such a completely...

  • This Love of Ours

    This Love of Ours

    12 years ago

    I guess by now you realise I am in love. I would love to share my happiness with all of my hub friends. I know that many of you experience the same feelings as I do. Let's share this love around, it is so contagious, that's for sure! ...

  • Our Love Was Meant to Be

    Our Love Was Meant to Be

    12 years ago

    I have always known that our love was meant to be. I think we both knew actually. From the very first time we looked into each other's eyes, somehow we knew! We knew that our love was here to stay and would last for ever. When two hearts meet and...

  • I Love You Baby and I Always Will

    I Love You Baby and I Always Will

    12 years ago

    Love comes to us once in a while, at least we all hope that it does! I know that I am so lucky to have found a love such as mine. I would love to share this wonderful emotion with each and every one of you. To experience a love so profound as this,...

  • We're Forever in Love

    We're Forever in Love

    9 years ago

    I love amazing scenery don't you? Majestic mountains, deep cut valleys, undulating fields with their wonderful colours. Tropical islands and wondrous crystal clear blue water. Stunning woodlands and lush green forests. There is so much beauty...

  • Love Attraction

    Love Attraction

    12 years ago

    Love Attraction Is it a chemical attraction, is it the sound of his voice? Why are two people drawn together? We will never know I guess but the inspiration for our love is all around us and we have been so fortunate to have found each other. We...

  • Love Till the End

    Love Till the End

    13 years ago

    This Love of Ours I so appreciate this love of mine. I know that I have been so, so fortunate to meet and fall in love with the man of my dreams. I wish that each and everyone of you could experience this magical bliss. I firmly believe that...

  • Sheer Love Magic

    Sheer Love Magic

    13 years ago

    I simply cannot comprehend the magic of our love. Oh, how fortunate and awesome this man makes me feel. He is my life, my love, my world and my entire existence. I am so, so lucky to have found a love such as this. Sheer Magic, This...

  • My Heart Can Tell a Story

    My Heart Can Tell a Story

    13 years ago

    Have you ever listened intently to the beat of your heart and how it changes between various emotions. My heart beats so fast when I know he is on his way and then settles with contentment with the sound of his wonderful voice. I believe that so...

  • Love of Her Virtual Friend

    Love of Her Virtual Friend

    12 years ago

    Do you believe that you can become a virtual lover? I wonder if you have ever imagined falling in love with someone on line! I appreciate that there are many dating websites where people do go with the intention of finding a partner before...

  • I Will Love You Always

    I Will Love You Always

    13 years ago

    Have you ever had the feeling that you have been together before, perhaps in past lifetimes? I so often have that feeling. I know that I am lucky and have been totally blessed to find the love of my life. So often when we are apart or even...

  • How Do I Know I am Loved?

    How Do I Know I am Loved?

    13 years ago

    People often say to me, 'You seem so in love!' So just how do you know you are really in love with this wonderful guy? What are the tell tale signs? These are some of the reasons I really know and you can tell in the same way too! ...

  • Our Love on Valentines Day

    Our Love on Valentines Day

    12 years ago

    As we all know Valentine's Day will shortly be here. I wanted to write a poem for all lovers and I have been inspired by the absolute love of my life.  He has always said that Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated on just a single day but on...

  • Her Lost Love

    Her Lost Love

    12 years ago

    To lose someone who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with is heartbreaking. We all have ups and downs in a relationship, I know I too have experienced it. How unfair to experience this especially...

  • Make a Difference in a Brand New Year

    Make a Difference in a Brand New Year

    10 years ago

    We can do this thing! We can make a difference We can change the world We can make a better place We can pull together From a humble acorn To a majestic oak tree Believe it will happen We will succeed! A Truly Special New Year! ...

  • Our Love is Like a Fairy Tale

    Our Love is Like a Fairy Tale

    13 years ago

    I simply love the magic of fairy tales. Why shouldn't we believe in fairies and why shouldn't fairy tales come true? Well they certainly have in my case. I fell in love with the most wonderful guy on this planet. I've had a fairy tale marriage. ...

  • Our Love is Like a Rainbow

    Our Love is Like a Rainbow

    11 years ago

    The rain was pouring down outside and running down the window pane. The sun was streaming in and through the glass I could see the most beautiful rainbow. It was so wonderful that it reminded me of the one I love. My Truelove. Our Love is Like...

  • If I Had Three Wishes

    If I Had Three Wishes

    13 years ago

    Have you ever noticed if you smile you feel so much better. When we are happy we smile. If you are feeling rather sad or particularly down make an effort and smile, it really does help you know. Try it and see what happens! Smile at everyone you...

  • Love Forever and a Day

    Love Forever and a Day

    12 years ago

    Your gentle words With soft emotion Seep gently through my mind Lingering thoughts of doubt Are ebbed away As we dance our dance of eternal love If only you knew the truth Between those lies and...

  • I Miss You When You're Away

    I Miss You When You're Away

    12 years ago

    When my Truelove goes away - even for a day I miss him so much. He is always with me in my heart and attached to my soul, but I feel so much more complete when he is physically with me. A love like ours is everlasting and complete . . . ...

  • Our Love is Unique

    Our Love is Unique

    13 years ago

    Our love is like a snowflake Totally unique Embedded securely in our hearts Whether we are near Or simply far away We are never apart For our love is for always Across the miles Whispering a longing ...

  • Our Love Will Win

    Our Love Will Win

    13 years ago

    Love conquers all. If we have love in our hearts and smile all the way what could be more pleasurable. To love someone completely is the most wonderful experience, particularly when it is returned in equal measures. True love can not get better -...

  • Our True Love

    Our True Love

    12 years ago

    How lucky and privileged are we to have found a complete and true love. Some people search for a lifetime. This is the best feeling ever and I so want each and everyone of you to experience this. The oneness and the complete unity of two...

  • Our Secret

    Our Secret

    13 years ago

    It's so exciting to be asked to keep a secret, it's so special to be given the privilege. Keep it close to your heart and never let it go. Our Secret I can keep a secret Your secret is safe with me Our love is...

  • Our Love Will Last Forever

    Our Love Will Last Forever

    12 years ago

    Love continues to weave it's magic spell. A rich tapestry of deep emotion. We know the strength of our love. It will remain now and for eternity. How blessed are we that we have found true love. Our Love WILL Last...

  • Love Lasts Forever

    Love Lasts Forever

    12 years ago

    Mistresses come and mistresses go but a genuine love between a husband and wife will last forever. I often wonder why women become mistresses? Why don't they concentrate on their own relationships before trying to destroy a marriage? All too...

  • Jealousy is a Poison

    Jealousy is a Poison

    12 years ago

    Jealousy is a Poison It is the power of thought that can create many problems in this world. Focus on the negative and you will be rewarded with unhappiness. Focus your thoughts on the positive and you will reap the benefits. ...

  • Why Does He Play Away?

    Why Does He Play Away?

    13 years ago

    Why do men have a tendency to play away from home? It seems the common event these days, men cheat. It is difficult for women to understand. What hope have we, the ordinary girl, when we see the likes of Cheryl Cole, Yvonne Keating and Elin...

  • I Knew You Were the One

    I Knew You Were the One

    13 years ago

    This is my first hub and indeed my very first poem, that is since I was at school! I have always loved poetry and adore receiving poems written especially for me. I have never considered writing a poem myself, let alone publishing it for people to...


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