Are You Human Guinea Pigs?

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    Irishmanwalkingposted 8 years ago

    We hear so much about how our lives being extended because of modern prescription drugs. Have you ever watched a television commercial for some kind of drug that will give you freedom to live a better life? Well have you heard the announcer tell all the ways it may affect you just under the music and all the very small print at the bottom of the commercial that goes by so fast.
    People look at those commercials and say that�s a good thing it helps people feel better. But does it? How do you know that those drugs are safe? Who is looking out for you? Just look at all the commercials with lawyers asking if you have taken this drug or that drug and please contact them as you could sue because of the affect these drugs have had on people. It has become a big boom for lawyers.
    Our governments that are suppose to make sure that we are protected from some false claim that a drug will help us more than hurt us. Governments have given a group of academics the responsibility to ensure that what we are prescribed is not going to cause kidney failure or some other medical problem. The pharmaceutical companies have become like a gods to governments and doctors and these academics. They believe that these companies are the answer to all our medical problems, to our health care problem.  Forget that they do what they do because of profit.... not little, as much as they can get. Kind of smells like the same bastards that put us into a recession.
    Let me give you some reality.... if Mick an individual did research and trails with a drug and he found the drug could cure people that where over weight.  These academics would want to see his data and all the trails. But if the pharmaceutical companies said the same thing, they just meet with these academics and they wouldnâ��t ask they take what they say as fact. Next thing itâ��s published in some medical journey and it has to be true or why would it be published.
    How many doctors have put their names on medicinal trails just to make extra dollar?  As society we want to live longer have no pain and not suffer. Well I thought that when as a society we had been so over prescribed with antibiotics that we would have learned our lesson. The pharmaceutical companies and doctors couldnâ��t wait to give us the best drugs as many times as we needed it. Which we now have all these new superbugs.  The medical community has now told us that this was the wrong way to deal with these problems, that we shouldnâ��t be prescribed antibiotics so often, that we should allow our bodies the chance to fight off the bug. Why did it take so long to discover this problem?
    I always wonder who is protecting us!  Nobody is we are not even protecting ourselves.  God we have to protect ourselves.  We have to be interested in our lives. I think itâ��s funny we have all this technology that is suppose to benefit us but we never use for our health.
    The best way for us to protect ourselves is to have these pharmaceutical companies publish their trails, findings in say in recognized newspapers in North America and Europe. Reason being they will check out if the information to make sure it is correct. How many average people read the New England Journal, some, not many? 
    For all of us that love life and want to live as long as we can I want you to know that take the time to see what�s medicating you. Because your life is actually being shorten with all the new drugs.
    Our bodies have for 2000 years changed as time has. My grandmother and grandfather who lived to be 94 and 97 always said, remember the ABCE (vitamins) you will always be healthy eat foods high in these. Even with H1N1 Dr.Oz has said that taking vitamin D will help protect you. But today it�s this new drug and that new drug. My Mom & Dad has always said to eat with your heart & soul in mind. She is 88 and he is 91.

    My thing in my life as a newly minted 50 year old is to keep educating myself in whatâ��s best for a long life for me, my wife, and my kids.  There is so much greed in our lives t how can we tell who is telling us the truth, unless we stop and ask. We need more accountability itâ��s the only way we gain our power back. We canâ��t keep being human guinea pigs. Life is short enough

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    rsmalloryposted 8 years ago

    I agree! This is to long for a forum post, you should consider making it into a hub. Thanks.