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Does the United States Constition give rights to non Americans living in this co

  1. Dewey Cheatem profile image72
    Dewey Cheatemposted 6 years ago

    Does the United States Constition give rights to non Americans living in this country illegally?

  2. MickS profile image73
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    Does it really matter, how can a fellow human being live illegaly whatever the country.

  3. Bretsuki profile image79
    Bretsukiposted 6 years ago

    The Constitution secures the rights of all to live peaceably under the law within the US.

    The thing is though, the question as to how we see "under the law" since everyone who is a legal resident or citizen has fulfilled this obligation to obey the law of residency, the illegal immigrant has not, so illegal immigrants by default lose any claim to the right of residency.

    But an illegal immigrant is covered by the basic rights, they have a right to be treated humanly, to not be harmed, to be able to keep their own property etc. They do have like anyone else an obligation to obey the law, but whereas breaking the law for a citizen can only mean a fine or imprisonment for both legal and illegal immigrants commiting a crime can mean deportation to their homeland.

  4. Jason Marovich profile image88
    Jason Marovichposted 6 years ago

    The American Civil Liberties Union says the US Constitution and Bill of Rights applies to all who stand on American soil (or its properties abroad), regardless of citizenship. 

    That's a pretty powerful group that's ready to stand up for those beliefs.

  5. Angie497 profile image77
    Angie497posted 6 years ago

    Nothing in the Constitution restricts its protections to citizens or legal residents only, so I think it's safe to assume that the authors intended it to apply to everyone subject to US law and within the geographic boundaries of the United States. I know there are some people that would like it otherwise, but do we really want to say that it's OK for the government to treat seem people differently than others?

  6. Josak profile image61
    Josakposted 6 years ago

    A series of supreme court decisions have established that yes it does and thats a good thing as far as I am concerned because otherwise you can bet anything that hick cops would be doing terrible things to illegals.