As a society what can we do to prevent elementary school violence and excessive

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  1. ChristinS profile image51
    ChristinSposted 6 years ago

    As a society what can we do to prevent elementary school violence and excessive bullying?

    It goes to a whole new level these days.  My 12 year old son heard a boy threaten to bring a knife to school, slit a teachers throat and make it look like a suicide.  He told the teacher/principal so this kid threatened to kill him.   How do we start to put an end to the idea that bullying is a "normal" part of growing up"? BS I think it's time for parents and kids to be held accountable and not given a pass.  Terrorism is terrorism and this situation was handled very passively - I'm shocked and saddened. How do we collectively as a society tackle this problem?

  2. d.william profile image71
    d.williamposted 6 years ago

    The government is responsible for a lot of that attitude when they refuse to pass laws against discrimination against the gay community.  Kids are not stupid and when they see this BS on the T.V. everyday, it just reinforces what their biased and bigoted parents, and religious teachers, are saying about women killing their babies, gays being hated by God, and Liberals being sinful and against religion. Plus the mainstream media only plays up the hatred and violence in society and adds to the discrimination.
    We need to start getting involved in the school curriculum that our kids are subjected to, and start some kind of support group within the schools to teach kids about respect for others.
    People think they have no say in what a school is teaching their children.  Or else they just do not want to take the time out of their busy lives to get involved in what the schools are doing, or not doing, to protect all the kids that are enrolled there. 
    You, as a parent, can be the first to bring such a program to your school, and show by example that something can actually be done about school bullying.
    Believe me, when i tell you, if i were a young parent with kids in school i would be in the faces of the school board, the principal, and the teachers, and create such a program.
    Someone has to start that 'war against bullies and bigots' in the school system.  Why not you?

  3. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 6 years ago

    I wish I had a better answer. The problem with excessive bullying, the more noise that is made, the worse the bullying becomes. Bullying is not a one-on-one situation like it use to be. It is a gang mentality. It takes administrators, teaches and other staff members to stand up to the students. My son went to a Catholic High School.The football team (he was not a member) had a training camp off site. There were certain rules. The star quarterback broke one of the rules.I do not think it involved bullying. It was just one of the rules. He did not get a warning. He was put on the second string defensive line. The team still had a good year and made the playoffs. The quarterback that was disciplined may have missed out on a college scholarship. I do not know. The coach did the right thing. Unfortunately, that is a rarity. Bullies are not always under-performng students. They can be he good athletes, the popular ones with the teachers and those voted most likely to succeed. Other bullies fall at the other end of the spectrum and do not care what happens to them, so they can be more aggressive. Teachers, staff and other students have to be aware. Students need a way of reporting bullying, without being revealed as the one who "Squealed". Schools can set rules. The administration has to be willing to enforce them, even if it means thestar quarterback does not get to play.

  4. profile image0
    Starmom41posted 6 years ago

    1.  make teachers and other school staff aware that they are responsible for what goes on in their classrooms/schools.  Bullying often happens because kids aren't supervised.

    2.  have "what you should do in this type of situation" a part of what kids are taught in school.  When bullying starts it often continues because the child on the receiving-end of it doesn't know what to do about it. 

    3.  if a teacher or other staff member notices that a child often bullies other children, they should take steps to investigate the reasons for it.


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