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Do you find a lot of people to be irritating?

  1. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 5 years ago

    Do you find a lot of people to be irritating?

    be honest. do you find that more and more people are irritating and whiners?

  2. christin53 profile image81
    christin53posted 5 years ago

    Some are and some are not. People may find me irritating at times but I don't dwell on it.

  3. ptosis profile image81
    ptosisposted 5 years ago

    Yes, including folks who pose questions to up their hubscore. wink

    Pet Peeve: Liars. Like the woman who is taking advantage of a male friend of mine by living without rent or sex but yet still feels that she contributes with food stamps even though she has money from working. My male friend is kidding himself that he is helping a damsel in distress by letting her stay until 'she's back on her feet'.

    Yesterday I saw my neighbor's leech put up paper pictures with nails on the wall, bring in a fish tank and has taken over the entire bedroom while he sleeps on the couch. Doesn't look like a temporary stay to me. The schmuck already knows how I feel but I don't harp on it.

    Unlike her - with everything a dramatic blah blah blah that I tune out whenever she opens her mouth in an attempt to gain sympathy and having someone do her a favor, (again!) for her.

  4. EuroNinila profile image87
    EuroNinilaposted 5 years ago

    I think its normal to find people irritating.  But if I'm in a bad mood and its really getting to me, I might try to stay away from annoying, irritating people for a while unitl I can handle them again.

  5. Ask Ashley profile image80
    Ask Ashleyposted 5 years ago

    I do find some people irritating (on occasion). For me, it's seems what I find most irritating is ignorance and self-entitlement.

  6. Becky Katz profile image85
    Becky Katzposted 5 years ago

    I am having a lot of trouble lately with stupid people. The ones that don't bother to think, don't bother to learn and want to tell other people how to live.
    I also have a problem with inconsiderate people who move into a nice quiet apartment building with quiet families and want to party hardy. They are making life miserable for all these nice, quiet, respectable people who don't want to listen to someone throwing up from drinking too much, yelling and fighting in front of our doors and everything smells like stale beer now.

  7. Lisa HW profile image74
    Lisa HWposted 5 years ago

    No. I'm a pretty understanding person, and when you're pretty good at understanding why some people do some things (or at least if you're interested in trying to understand), there's not really much that others do that seems irritating.

    I think one of the biggest problems in interpersonal relations can be that a lot of people who find others irritating either can't or won't try to understand what someone else is going through.   A lot of people THINK they know what motivates someone when it comes to the actions or words of someone else; but if they understood the other person as much as they think they do, they wouldn't be irritated; because most of the time they'd see what the other person does as (of course) "understandable".

    I like people, and I don't ever want to be someone who sees others as "less" than me, and that's essentially what people do when they see others "pesky and irritating".  If someone else is being happy I'm happy for them.  If someone else is not happy, I just kind of understand that people can't always be happy; or else I secretly remind myself that I'm thankful I'm not as unhappy as they are.  Sometimes someone who can't stand "whining" is someone who, himself, has so many problems he can't deal with having anyone else throw his own into the mix.  That's understandable too, but I don't think one person's feeling like he's reached his saturation point with negative stuff should think less of the other person, who doesn't realize that or who needs to express himself to someone he's close to.  A lot of people in this world have a lot of struggles and problems.  I don't think it's fair or reasonable to expect them to keep it to themselves because we don't feel like listening, or because we've decided how long we're willing to approve of their talking about the negative stuff before we decide they should be quiet.  I've got the energy to be supportive of someone else, but I've also got the sense to know when I need a little break from them (even if I don't allow myself to feel irritated by them).

    I think we're happier in this world when we respect and try to understand others.  Looking down on them by seeing them as irritating may allow for a temporarily inflated ego, but it separates us from other people and prevents us from understanding them, and ourselves better.   Life's just happier when you give most people a break and the benefit of doubt when it comes to why they do something you might tend to see as irritating.  Pretty much the only things someone else does that aggravates me are a) being nasty, b) being aggressive, c) being malicious, and d) assuming/imagining the worst about other people's motivations, and then disliking the other person for what they imagine.

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    silverstararrowposted 5 years ago
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      silverstararrowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The leaning part is a common occurence while commuting by bus.