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Romney says Obama Won Because He Gave Minorities Gifts, Do You Buy It?

  1. vveasey profile image85
    vveaseyposted 5 years ago

    Romney says Obama Won Because He Gave Minorities Gifts, Do You Buy It?


  2. NotPC profile image59
    NotPCposted 5 years ago

    Obama did give gifts and that is why he won. I don't really think that's a bad thing though... All the "gifts" Obama promised are somewhat necessary...

    Free birth control is mandatory in my mind. It's easy to say people should just not have sex if they can't afford to support a child, but people are still going to do it anyway. Why punish a child because their mother can't afford birth control and then can't afford to properly support the child. It's cheaper and more humane to just give people birth control. Many women cast their vote based on this one factor. Romney may have actually won had he not apposed planned parenthood.

    and I'm sorry... I looked up the news article just to know exactly what he said, but did he actually say Obama won over blacks with food stamps and extended unemployment? That seems pretty edgy to say the least, and I'm not one to appose a bit of edginess here and there.

    Before I comment on Romney's reasoning for blacks for for Obama, let me just say that I'm not black, yet I do empathize with their current situation.

    A quarter of black males are in prison, leaving their wives and children to fend for themselves, and when they get out of prison finding a job is nearly impossible. People think it's hard to find a job with a clean record; try it with a felony! We are still recovering from years of racist court systems that sentenced blacks to stiffer punishments than they deserved, if they even deserved them at all. These men are still battling their own criminal record or are still in prison.

    And I mean c'mon, of course quite a few black people voted for Obama because he is black, just like there are quite a few white people who didn't vote for him because he is black. Racism is alive and well here in the U.S.! Just because people aren't openly racist doesn't mean they don't treat people differently based on race. It's not something that can be eradicated overnight, but I believe most people give an honest effort to treat everyone the same regardless of race.

    Romney also disagreed with granting amnesty to any illegal immigrant, even if they are a hardworking productive member of society, which many are.

    I feel we should be strict and organized about our border policy, but just because someone is in the United States illegally doesn't necessarily mean they are a bad person. Many illegals had no other option but to sneak over the border so they could earn enough money to support their family.

    Out of characters - read comment.

    1. NotPC profile image59
      NotPCposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The reason Romney lost was not because Obama gave "gifts;" he lost because he told people they don't deserve them.

      P.S. I did not vote for Obama or Romney, I just felt like analyzing this comment by the Governor.

  3. Nathan Orf profile image79
    Nathan Orfposted 5 years ago

    Of course. What Romney says about "gifts" is entirely true. We live in a democracy, and politicians have to offer "gifts" to their constituents in order to get elected. For those of us who voted for Obama, the gifts were and are legion. Here is a list of those on my mind right now;

    1. The Affordable Care Act stays in place, allowing millions of people access to quality health care without bankrupting them, or the country.

    2. The country can begin to work its way off of fossil fuels and onto clean energy alternatives, which can help both the environment and the economy.

    3. Wall Street can continue to be held accountable for any big screw-ups they might make in the future.

    4. This final item is slightly in bad taste, but for those of us who just couldn't stand Romney, the sweetest gift Obama gave us was beating Romney.

    Romney offered gifts of his own for the people who voted for him. The problem for him was simply that a majority of Americans rejected his "gifts." It is all part of the subtle games we partake in democracy. 

    And yes, Romney is definitely a sore loser. He kind of made that clear in his weak little concession speech.

  4. nanderson500 profile image85
    nanderson500posted 5 years ago

    I don't buy it. All politicians offer benefits to the groups that they hope will support them. If Obama offered gifts, so did Romney. Romney apparently believes it's okay to promise gifts to businesses and rich people, but not okay to promise gifts to middle class citizens or minorities. Since he has no current political position, I expect Romney will be disappearing from the news cycle soon.

  5. safiq ali patel profile image73
    safiq ali patelposted 5 years ago

    No I don't agree that Obama won because he gave minorities gifts. There is a part of me that thinks Obama won because America as a country and it's people have changed. America is no longer a white majority nation. It is  a mixed nation. Obama on the American presidential election because Obama is tuned in enough to realize that the United States today is a majority working class nation not a majority middle class nation. Obama also won because he spoke to the new class of American voters. The republicans if they are to return to the White House in 2016 need to speak and address their messages and their policies to the New America. In many languages, in many cultures, to many races, and to more than just middle white America. That's why Romney failed. I think it is very little to do with gifts being given to people in the Obama camps.
    Now in 2012 it matters little because I live outside of the United States at present. But my support was for Mitt Romney and the Republicans. I'd fallen away from the Obama camp when I started to see that Obama still has a link with the controversial disbanded but alive Nation of Islam. I also withdrew support or interest for Obama because I believe that Obama still has no plan for fighting the recession. It think it is all about policy my friends nothing to do with gifts or bribery or corruption.