International not just USA. People who cheat the system

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    Linda Hposted 8 years ago

    Hi all,
    I'm in Australia. I have a friend of ten years who retired four years ago. Thing is she keeps on travelling accross the country to work for her former employer "off the books", airfares paid, free board and lodging for the months she is there - while she still gets rent assistance from our government for the unit she maintains here. Her last stint of 6 months she accepted $30,000 of dental treatment as a gift for her "help". Lot's of our pensioners struggle to survive on approximately $17,500 per annum plus rent assistance which is capped at really low levels. There are always reports about them struggling to meet rent, buy food etc. What would you do, I've tried talking to her because I know the employer would rather declare it all.
    Should I talk to the employer?
    My friend tells all and sundry that she goes back to help a friend but our authorities would see it differently as the relationship originated Employer/employee and gifts are considered payment.
    Based on what I know of the hours she is on call(24/7), she probably should claim atleast $75,000 per annum, but even at 8 hours a day 7 days a week it is $54,000 plus.
    I don't get why she wants to claim a pension instead/as well I do know the employer and she is willing to pay the correct amount.
    If I make a report to the authorities my friend will know I did it, so I will freely admit there is an element of cowardice here, she is a lot bigger than me and I have a history of dodging confrontation.