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Is mankind beginning to improve their lot? What positive change have you noticed

  1. Dan Barfield profile image77
    Dan Barfieldposted 5 years ago

    Is mankind beginning to improve their lot? What positive change have you noticed in recent times?

    So often the focus is on what negative things are happening. It's time to start seeking out what the best of human behaviour and encouraging its emulation by everyone.

  2. HoneyBB profile image96
    HoneyBBposted 5 years ago

    While social media increases bullying exponentially, it also has kids and adults as well sharing good feelings and gratitude and sympathy toward one another that would otherwise go unspoken (or unwritten) if not for social media.

    1. Dan Barfield profile image77
      Dan Barfieldposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Excellent point! The social media revolution has provided a great platform for people to spread good ideas and compassionate attitudes. The bullies are the minority, thank God. smile

  3. safiq ali patel profile image72
    safiq ali patelposted 5 years ago

    Dan Barfield this is a excellent question. But I do not feel that the human race has begun to get better.  I see that mankind has become more violent than ever before. I'm reffering to places like Syria and Egypt and also to violent world events like 7/7 and 9/11. Every day the news media churn out more stories of human suffering and so believe that man's state has got worse not better.

    1. Dan Barfield profile image77
      Dan Barfieldposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      We are not more violent at all - we have always been this violent. It is just better reported. Add to that the marvelous technologies of death we've developed and you have dangerous combo!

  4. cfin profile image81
    cfinposted 5 years ago

    Bad things have always happened. Even more so in centuries past than today. The difference is a media that works as a mechanism to sensationalize everything.

    As people around the world become more educated, the wealth seems to be balancing out and poorer countries, to an extent, are gaining a lager share. Unfortunately, it is not enough, and the greed of the spoiled nations who consume too much of the worlds resources leaves the vast majority of humans starving and living in squalor. What amazes me most is people on the Internet claiming to live in poverty. I presume that they have the Internet and an Internet ready device. Poverty? They don't know what it means. We are the lucky, tiny minority. Has the world gotten better? Has humanity improved? No. Has it gotten worse? No. The only problem we face is the spread of humans and the explosion of births in the last 100 years. The privileged of the world continue to consume ever accelerating amounts of the resources while the others grow in number with less and less resources to survive.

    If we can somehow tackle this age old issue, then the world will be a better place. I feel like the human mind has good intentions, and with advances in technology, we can either destroy each other trying to protect our own, or use our energy to tackle the above. I feel, lately, like there have been many breakthroughs in medicine, birth control, nuclear weapon control, freedom of expression, easy access to the truth etc etc. Lets hope that the media sensationalize some positive news going into the future. But in order to do so, people will have to stop seeking out and thriving off bad news first.

    1. Dan Barfield profile image77
      Dan Barfieldposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Spot on that man! I agree - bad things have always happened, but it is easy to be persuaded by media sensationalization that this is all there is. It's time to spin things positively and affect some change smile

  5. ienjoythis profile image84
    ienjoythisposted 5 years ago

    I think we are starting to become more welcoming and tolerant of immigrants. All of us were immigrants at one time, after all.

    1. Dan Barfield profile image77
      Dan Barfieldposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree - people are putting up less with segregation and arbitrary distinctions of language, colour and creed every day.

  6. Reality Bytes profile image82
    Reality Bytesposted 5 years ago

    There is improvement through the second greatest invention ever to grace humanity, the Internet!  Second only to the wheel, the Internet has allowed mankind to express their views as well as being able to view the expression of others.  Being able to reach out and share ideas with other people half a world away has virtually destroyed most borders.  It has given immense power to the people, as can be seen by instantaneous outbursts of protest through social media interaction.

    By coming to the realization that most people have more in common than not, it is beginning to eliminate the need for tyrannical governments as the people of the world are educating themselves, not only with domestic issues, but also international issues.  This power of which we have just begun to utilize will alter man for eternity.  As they become more educated, hopefully the people of the world will unite, not through force, not through coercion, but through complete and unquestionable acceptance and consent.

    Just a thought:

    How long before we can get a global consensus through online voting methods? Our court system could become completely open and public knowledge.  Instant responses to pending issues without the need for an authoritative middleman in the form of government leaders.  There would still be employees of the people, but except for law enforcement, these individuals would hold no jurisdiction over the individual.

    1. Dan Barfield profile image77
      Dan Barfieldposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with every point except the one about making the court system completely open. After all - how can we hope for an un-biased jury if they can be influenced by opinions of people discussing cases on the internet?