America and Drug and How it effected Personal World

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    America's War on Drugs
    Good Morning America
    First this allows you to understand how I got pulled into the drug world. And barely escaped with my life and mental sanity. I was nearly 60 and it seemed all my children and nieces and nephews were involved with one addictions or another, with crack cocaine being the most desired of all their choice that our society of this era has to choose from.
    Well it started with my next to oldest who was 26 at the time had nearly lost all he had from abusing Cocaine in the form of Crack small hard rocks at 20.00 per common purchase on the street like buying two mm's size Rocks, and they get 4 Hits to each purchase, with maybe two additional hits off the residue. Why do they do it, well when they take that first hit it puts them in a sort of euphoria where they get this sudden mental bang, and all thought temporary goes blank, and then for a proximally 4 minutes as everything slowly returns, they seemly unto them self’s have this overwhelming urge to have sex or the need to satisfy them selves. Then your just feeling very energetic but as the addition increases this changes to Nervousness then to paranoia, but in the early stages and time is moves forward and your wallet still holds cash, you seemly have this drive to go obtain more and If one has plenty of the time on their hand or seemly has a few things in their life that they wish not to address psychologically this drug can take a serious hold of their everyday life cycle. Its one that at first has very little effect on their health and appearance, so that’s why very few friends our love ones don't see or realize what’s taking effect actually on 20 minutes after taking the drug at first that you can't see any recognizable changes, but give them a year and allot of expense they begin to show allot of signs.
    First you will notice their always broke and have little to show for it, then they seemly have lost weight in their face and they begin to pull away from all other activities , they begin to have allot of mood swings as in most mind altering drugs. They seemly have a new set of friends usually who look a bit more weathered than they are. Leeches best describes them, they actually bring just enough to get each other started for the day, so they too will be on the hunt and start a possible binge, which means smoke two or three day non stop, they can smoke away allot of money in that time depending how many get on the train with them. After all the money is gone they start searching for ways to get more, take things to the pawn, borrow or even go into dept with the supplier. their are other noticeable action if your around they scan allot the floor or table tops and shelves, Its called geeking where they are looking to the possibility that they dropped or left a small piece laying around. And as the addiction increase so does this behavior, it’s almost humorous to watch, but actually very Sad
    How do they actually do it well really it is simple , if their funds are low, they can use a soda can push in at the bottom a bit then put a few small holds with a pocket knife, then add a few ashes, so the small rock piece don’t fall in, then add a small air hole on the side, bingo they have a pipe, they but a small piece on the ashes, mouth over the drinking spout and light, pulling slowly and moving the flame close then quickly away, so not to burn the hit or over heat the burning area. Now for those who can afford the glass pipes, called Pens in stores and some copper scrub like brillo they then use the phone Ink pen part to push the copper tight and then push it to one end leaving enough area for a Small piece and then they light up basically same as on the can. But some go even deeper start shooting it up by breaking it down with a few drops of water, into a spoon and then through a piece of cotton draw it in to a syringe and then injecting it as one would do Heroin.
    Well process is simple results in 3 years most devastating, which again is based allot on time available and Money on hand. Their smoking location anywhere they can blow the smoke out a window or cover up the sweet smell or burnt smell as they become to high to reason things out as well, so they don't burn as careful, they just want a hit. Now comes the real mess, they have to go get it or have it delivered, so once they have been on the drug a few years they have along list of wholesalers or by direct if they have that kind of cash flow. For those who have the cash they buy 1/8 of a cookie and that’s 15 small pieces or 30 hits at 65.00 to 100.00 depends on their relationship with who ever is supplying. Have they become addicted at this point well to be honest all depends on the user, some have smoked it like some pot smokers for years disciplined in their way of doing it only on weekends and stop by eating something or drinking beer, after use, brings them down. Now they go through a sleepy period which is governed by amount and length on the smoking period. three days straight too just say 4 to 6 hrs, will usually bring about crashing for 24hrs for a 3 days Binge, for a day, say 6 hrs a 8 they’d crash for an hour or so to a short nap if awaken. Thus their back to things as normal, but as the calendar pages fall their health begins to take the toll. Why because the Cocaine eats away on Fat and when that’s gone Muscle will do just fine, also their gums get eaten away in the lower front teeth and so extreme weight loss and not from an eating disorder either, many hide behind. The body metabolism is running high like on speed so that brings about the burning of energy and body mass, also shows the intensity of how the individual is smoking and their addiction level, you can also tell by their hygiene that there addition is getting out of control.
    Ah this part demonstrates the areas of purchase, but before I explain this, please note that most police are serious about the law and are doing their best to clean up this mess, one that has done so much destruction to the social fabric of this great nation, many of our children have been destroyed either by death, addiction or by ruining their name and social image. They are known longer trusted or seen the same way again, unless they are lucky and have a very strong family and community with allot of Passion, Patience and Love. Believe me it’s a real trip, my son exact words were Dad" you have know Idea what I’m going threw so how can you understand or really help me" You've never done it or understand what I've been through over the past 5 years. So I decided to see what it was about this stuff that cause him to get to lose his family a wife and child a nice home and 2 cars and a truck a 27.00 an hour job more than once, go to 2 Drug rehabs only to come out get a job start over and then go right back to the addiction. He lost 250,000 dollars easy.
    My thought then was the Police department role in all this didn't make sense it had him in and out of the system, why was he just released to resume his crazy thinking, what were they doing with him for 3 to 6months at a time. Trust me once you been there you'll have all the answers your heart can conjure up, First their overwhelmed with numbers every age and creed, from all walks of life, have you ever been to a party where everyone there. Well I have, and its no picnic, you have those angry , wanting to blame everyone else to what their going through except themselves and know one wants to except that they will not change till they except a higher power over their lives since it obvious they aren’t in control. Then theirs a division, The sheriff department is held to the safety of all these lives and The courts to the responsibility of the citizens to Empress upon these who have broke the law to the severity and sort out their history to come up with a fair Sentencing, now try and imagine 2 to 3 hundred case coming before the bench every Monday with half delayed until another day, week or even months, do to the lack of information or evidence. So when you consider that just Harris county Sheriff's department has right now over 13,000 inmates from 17 to 80 and they all have medical issues, Housing problems, and demand Food. Our present system is designed to house and control 9,500 give or take a dozen. So we have right now 1600 in Louisiana in temp facilities, which costing the tax payers a few dollars that could be used else where. So everyone is in this Drug war, not just the Law. We must step back into our Children World regardless what their age and feeling are to the matter. Lose them, and we all lose our country, future and our own personal happiness, and surely you didn't get where you are just to walk away from it all.
    Sure theirs all these Individuals who are playing an important role in bringing about the sales and distribution of this night mare, but honestly being there 24/7 I've seen first had the work being done my Police and the Sheriff's Depart and Neighborhood watch groups, that so much has been done to bring this nightmare under control, the rest depends on us the parents to take or roles as parents serious and become active in our children’s lives. Now not tomorrow because that might just be to late
    Its time to fight back by getting back on your streets in your own neighborhood, notice what taking place, and walk in numbers, work with your local Police Substation they all have Neighborhood Watch program, so you don't get yourselves into any trouble or hurt. This is not a game to those out their selling its a sense of survive, they can't find jobs or low income housing, because we haven’t gotten control of all those else where in the world wanting to come here and start over and 1million people a year influx is destroying our country infrastructure and designed social system to where they are falling apart at the seems due to the lack of funds and trained staff, which takes years of education and experience and we just can't throw untrained people into these slot and not expect allot of extra costs due to mistakes and errors, allot get hurt, by being denied services when in fact they deserve them, and others are being constantly punished for mistakes they made years ago, we have lost or original Charters we the people, for the people , by the people ect ect. We still live in an era where we hear and think " Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, well that a great thought, but what we need to say" Is we all need to Love those that make up this great Nation and do all we can Preserve its Greatness for the security for those who are beholding unto its flag and Declaration of Independence never forgetting the price all have paid so that we the people of today might live the dreams that they had so desired, Including Our Lord who had brought forth his love through his only Earthly Begotten Son so that we could through his blood live free of Sin and evolve to where his true desire was to one day walk among us in everlasting Fellowship" Wow what else could we ever place before all that was and that is which could ever offer more. Than what lays before us the Great City that is being built this very moment that we live so that our Lord can Place it before us, along with his divine presence. This was so well thought out, why not just go with the flow, let’s just love one another and await our Lords arrival. Hey the Worst was over when he was on the cross, Hey!! He's off now and Building a City like no other ever built before, don't you want to be there when that most Magnificent moment that Man Kind has ever experience comes. And if you just can't see it yet and find it difficult to believe, why not just go with the flow and keep all possibilities and choices open, our Lord is a merciful and gracious Master, who has taken great pride it all that he has brought forth unto us so that this moment in time will be his greatest creation 1 trillion Life Forms living in peace and harmony all together at one moment in time. Sure who are we to stand between a pure form of such love and devotion that he has spent an eternity to design and nurture? Remember the Movie Cleopatra when she arrived in Rome, this event will make that seem as if just a carnival was arriving.
    Well in closing I assure you my path in life wasn't one I'd proudly lay before the lords Gates, but what I just learned during 6 months in a Great Program called New Choice Chaired my a most dedicated man who actually cried, before us due to the refusal in action of an inmate to commit completely to the Program that was placed before him, Mr. Jones as we called him had worked so hard to guide him trough, He seemly saw us all as is we were his Children in some way, it was easy to see his pure desire to lead us to see are personal foolishness which cheated us from enjoying the life we were meant to live. As he so wisely put it he wasn't going to let anything or anyone steal his Joy. He was Danny Jones, who earned a masters Degree, just so he could understand and have the skills to help those of us who had lost the ability to or wouldn't even help themselves. Being that this era has brought so much for society to bare that many having their plates full and see know reason to even at the same table with us, but because as he saw in all of us that we were someone’s child, regardless what their age and he reminded us daily we had family out there suffering because we hadn't excepted our responsibility of being apart of our their lives and a part of the society that we either join are be forgotten by. The one I like is how he said when we get out we best send our Moms some flowers. Men like him should get more recognition and the Houston Mayor helping bring forth this Program through the Harris County Sheriff Department who really played an important part in its success, because they wouldn't let us forget what price we would pay if we forget what we were taught and come back. This Program called New Choices covered not only Rehabilitation by Education of Using Drugs, but also what lies ahead in Incarceration, which changed my life, I also have to give all those who created the AAA 12 Steps and their magic book which in they shared all their stories over the past 50 years. I pray this has been a help for those like myself in search for an answer to what is happening and how, what we all must then do what can I do to help, hey don't choose the path I took.
    Oh just so you might research what the new Drug of choice that moving through our country and soon to replace crack is Crystal Meth. Twice as destructive. Oh please forgive my writing skills and spelling. Thank you for reading. Ed

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    awareposted 8 years ago

    the length of this question says alot . put the pipe down. lol

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    Jared Dogaerposted 8 years ago

    The "war on drugs" is failing. Punishment by being entangled in the criminal justice system does not make most people stop. That being said, I understand that people cannot be allowed to commit crimes to obtain their drug money, or be trusted to properly take care of children while in the midst of addiction. I have a drug (& criminal) past I am not proud of, but I did learn alot. Mostly how to survive in the ghetto and prison. But also alot about human nature. I, too lost most everything (thank god I didn't have kids back then), and went through probably about $500K total. I smoked crack, but it was always easy for me to put down. I was never a multiple day binger. But the physical addiction of heroin put me through the wringer. I think people do not quit until they're ready, or they die. A switch goes of in your brain for whatever reason, and you're finally ready to lead a normal life. My moment came about eight years ago, but I've had a couple of short-lived relapses, and I will forever carry the weight of a criminal record (I was a serial shoplifter), and my brain chemistry will never quite be the same. I will always ache more, and I can't take pain pills after the dentist, for example. There are no easy answers, and I think our nation will be grappling with how to address addiction for many years to come.