Why do some people form judgments about other people with little or no factual i

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  1. animalsarenotfood profile image61
    animalsarenotfoodposted 5 years ago

    Why do some people form judgments about other people with little or no factual information?

  2. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago


    To satisfy their uncertain sense of self. Many people have such unsatisfying and unfulfilled lives and they use this displacement mechanisms to judge other people whose lives they are either jealous of or disagree with.  There are some people who believe that others should have THE SAME lifestyle and/or aspirations that they have.  They find others who live different lifestyles or believe differently to be quite an anathema or strange to say the least.  These are the people who tend to judge others based upon their fear and/or distaste for the different and unfamiliar.

  3. CraftytotheCore profile image78
    CraftytotheCoreposted 5 years ago

    I'm loving the piggies!  I have a Wilbur. 

    I think unfounded judgments are caused by 2 ways of thinking:
    a) the person doesn't take the time to understand someone else, nor do they care
    b) the person lives by their own way of thinking and believes that's how everyone should be.

    For example, growing up I never had a lot of Barbie dolls but wanted the Barbie swimming pool in the worst way!  When I got older and had the extra income, I started my own Barbie collection to save for my daughter.  I went to yard sales, flea markets, and shopped online to get the best deals so I could grow my collection.  One day I found a lady online selling a set of 5 cowboy Barbie dolls, all with complete outfits, that she was selling because her daughter was going to college.  I paid $12 for them all and she shipped them to me free by priority mail.  A friend happened to stop over when they were delivered to my home.  I was planning on putting them up for my daughter for her birthday because I had found a barn dollhouse and mini farm animals to go with them.  When my friend saw my box, she charged in to my home, ripped open the box and told me I would be going to h*ll for worshiping stuff. ?  She emptied the dolls on to the floor while my daughter stood there watching this happen.  That to me is a judgmental person.  Needless to say, I made other friends. smile

  4. profile image0
    Brenda Durhamposted 5 years ago

    Sometimes you can tell just by what they say,  at least,  if it's a continuous tirade or a continuous mindset that they exhibit.
    From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

  5. M. T. Dremer profile image91
    M. T. Dremerposted 5 years ago

    I agree with gmwilliams assessment of it, but I also think that a bit of it is a survival mechanism. Primitive humans had to make snap-judgments about the people they encountered because it could mean the survival of the group with potential enemies around. But, it has unfortunate, and sometimes violent consequences in a modern world.

  6. blue shimmerald profile image61
    blue shimmeraldposted 5 years ago

    they form judgements because first they don't know the person.. they intend to do judgements so they would know his or her reactions.. reactions could be based from their  attitudes.. second, environment factors plays a big role.. example, if you have friends or neighbors that were so judgemental then maybe you could be like them.. third when you're still child and your parents always do judgements, you mocked them.. and lastly.. its the ethics that matters..


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