Curious as to what greed and the health care crisis have in common, if any.

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    Compliance Doctorposted 4 years ago

    Curious as to what greed and the health care crisis have in common, if any.

    Do you think that greed is one of the problems our country has in resolving the issue of Healthcare for all peoples?  When discussing greed, I am particularly talking about owners of health care companies and doctors in specific.

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    d.williamposted 4 years ago

    The greed of the insurance megaliths certainly have contributed to the current economic crisis. 
    They dictate what medications and what medical procedures people will get.  They promote drugs for the pharmaceutical companies to enhance their profits.
    Their denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, and denial of payment for procedures and drugs that they do no approve of, affects the decisions, and quality of care from physicians, hospitals, and other health care agencies, all leading to the diminished quality in the treatment of their patients.
    They have no vested interest in the overall health of the people they cover.  Their sole interest is in increasing their massive annual net profits.
    These monstrous companies, and others like them, should have been dismantled years ago.  The smaller companies provide more competitive prices and are less apt to position themselves in the price fixing business. 
    There should never have been any corporation getting to the point of being "too big to fail".
    So, yes, there is a major correlation between greed and the health care crisis.

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