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Do you believe that the government has the right to manage my food intake by mak

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    tbHistorianposted 4 years ago

    Do you believe that the government has the right to manage my food intake by making me purchase only

    the food they believe is good for me?  With the latest attempt to control school meals for our children, the government is forcing the child to eat food substance that I do not support.  How do you handle this for your children?  Do you require them to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner to school with them?  Or - like some others, do you simply allow the educators to force your children to eat the food permitted by the government?  Do you feel this is denial of freedom by the government?

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    Dont Taze Me Broposted 4 years ago


    Simple solution, homeschool the kids.

    That said, I assume you are referring to the National School Lunch Program? Which says school lunchs must meet meal pattern and nutrition standards based on the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans..
    The current meal pattern increases the availability of fruits,vegetables, and whole grains in the school menu.The meal pattern’s dietary specifications set specific calorie limits to ensure age - appropriate meals for grades K - 5, 6 -8, and - 12. Other meal enhancements include gradual reductions in the sodium content of the meals (sodium targets must be reached by SY 2014 - 15, SY 2017 - 18 and SY 2022 - 23).
    While school lunches must meet Federal meal requirements, decisions about what specific foods to serve and how they are prepared are made by local school food authorities.

    The Agriculture Department says 524 schools — out of about 100,000 — have dropped out of the federally subsidized national school lunch program since the government introduced new standards for healthier foods last year.
    If schools do not follow the rules, or if they drop out, they are not eligible for the federal dollars that reimburse them for free and low-cost meals served to low-income students. That means wealthier schools with fewer needy students are more likely to be able to operate outside of the program. According to the USDA data, gathered from the states that administer the programs, 90 of the 524 schools that dropped out of the program said specifically that they did so because of the new meal-plan requirements. Most of the rest did not give a reason.

    Do I feel this is denial of freedom by the government?

    I feel this is the government denying local school food authorities their right to decisions about what specific foods to serve and how they are prepared. Even though they do have the right to opt out most can't afford to lose the federal funding if they were to opt out.

    But worse than the notion that the government is forcing our children to eat food substance we may or may not approve of is the ever increasing intrusion of government into all aspects of our lives and if we as "the people" continue to take a back seat to these intrusions we will wake up one day realizing we no longer have any rights that aren't dictated by the government and that just ain't right! Ain't right at all.

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    bethperryposted 4 years ago

    No, I don't. No government has an ethical right to manage anyone's food intake or tell them what to purchase at the grocery store. Unfortunately, laws are not always created by the ethically minded.
    My kids were taught to eat three meals a day,. and how to eat NUTRITIOUSLY. But the days of telling them to enjoy lunch at school is over after they began coming home and informing us of the tasteless, unfilling rabbit food, date-expired milk and spoiled mystery fare that was being put on their trays. So now they either take packed lunches, or have breakfast here and whatever they find edible in the school meal, then get a snack when they get home - always something more healthy and filing than anything the school offers. The one positive thing my kids have learned from this situation is that school officials and the feds care less about true nutrition and health as they do about lording it over others. My children eat well, they are not obese and they are healthy. We do not want nor need them to be told how to eat by hypocrites that serve their guests caviar, chocolate melted cake, a dozen varieties of potatoes and fudge served on plates made of sugar! http://news.yahoo.com/state-dinner-menu … ZJUDI0NF8x

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    lone77starposted 4 years ago

    The American government has been increasingly encroaching on personal freedoms making American more and more like the Soviet Union used to be. It's the boiling frog principle. They make gradual changes over several generations so that no one generation knows any better, except those who study history (and not the history they spin).

    GMO's is another example. Some scientists have found that some GMOs actually cause cancer and sterility -- Monsanto's GMO corn, which is in thousands of packaged foods! Monsanto now has protection from lawsuits and keeps fighting the public cry for labeling. The government is forcing us to eat GMOs because they are not curtailing the spread of GMOs in our food supply and they don't enforce stricter testing. Monsanto tests for 3 months. One group of European scientists found that cancers started showing up after 4 months of testing.

    But then their article was retracted not long after a former Monsanto executive became editor.

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      tsadjatkoposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I agree except you should be using another analogy besides the boiling frog because it is not true http://www.snopes.com/critters/wild/frogboil.asp Have you heard what the FCC is proposing to spend your tax dollars on a proposal to study newsrooms?