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What should be done with North Korea in your opinion?

  1. wiserworld profile image92
    wiserworldposted 3 years ago

    What should be done with North Korea in your opinion?

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    umbro1968posted 3 years ago

    the same as Russia, issue sanctions against them.

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    JThomp42posted 3 years ago

    Nothing. Sanctions are already in place. The North Korean people are starving to death, the country is beyond impoverished. Kim Jong Un is a complete maniac. He is all talk and no bite. He leads by ego, just as so many dictators do. North Korea is all about propaganda.

  4. crazyhorsesghost profile image75
    crazyhorsesghostposted 3 years ago

    If there was ever a country where the United States should force a regime change it is North Korea. North Korea's government should be removed and a democratic government put in place. North Korea would find that the US it would face in 2014 or beyond would be a very different country than it faced in the Korean War of the 50's. The U.S. military could destroy North Korea from the air and with cruise missiles in one night. And if there ever was a government that needs removed it is North Korea.

  5. maxoxam41 profile image74
    maxoxam41posted 3 years ago

    What about what should we do with our foreign policies? We allow Israhell to kill civilians, we bomb Iraq... Here is the real question not your hypothetic reality.

  6. Old-Empresario profile image82
    Old-Empresarioposted 3 years ago

    The great misconception about North Korea is our belief that its dictator/monarch is actually running things. He is definitely their symbol; he lives like a king, he gives the speeches and he is practically worshipped. But he does not run the country. North Korea is run by its military and its generals. They are the true power behind the throne while the monarch secretly dallies around like a playboy. Because generals are generally stupid on issues of economics and diplomacy, the country is regularly starving and it only knows how to use threats to get what it wants. It would be nice to see the North Korean people rise up against the generals and overthrow the military junta. One problem is one-third of the North Korean population is technically part of the military. Another problem is North Koreans are brainwashed with the most primitive and stone-aged form of propaganda (that only a military junta could devise) that the citizens don't even know which end is up.

    I don't advocate war with North Korea. And I am an isolationist 99% of the time when it comes to military intervention. But their region (northwest Asia) is becoming more and more important economically and North Korea should be easy to overcome if we could focus more on espionage or in trying to foment some sort of revolution there. But the 21st-Century Orient has made it pretty clear that it does not really want our help anymore in the region since we tend to break everything we touch and since they don't really need us (except to keep buying what they make). My simple answer is we should use certain secret three-letter government agencies to stir up a revolution in North Korea if it can be done cheaply (I should note that we have historically not been very good at this). But if the Japanese, Chinese and South Koreans really don't want us there then we should continue to stay out of it. That sounds weak, but these countries have more money than we do.