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What do you think about the People's Climate Change March in NYC yesterday?

  1. watergeek profile image98
    watergeekposted 3 years ago

    What do you think about the People's Climate Change March in NYC yesterday?

    Democracy Now! and Al Jazeera both estimated 400,000 people, the NY Times said 300,000, people who actually attended said more. The LA Times hardly mentioned it. What do you think? What kind of impact do you think the march will have?

  2. ChristinS profile image95
    ChristinSposted 3 years ago

    I am hoping that with that large of a number it encourages more people to actively participate in democracy instead of just complaining or blaming the other guy etc.  When people rise up things change.  It's nice to see a shift towards people being less apathetic and doing something to promote awareness.  I have participated in some protests in my day and none of the ones I went to were ever reported accurately - it depends on the agenda.  Some overestimate, some way underestimate and some barely mention it at all.  Media is a mouthpiece for the powers that be.  They don't like it when people get too frisky and start actually going out into the streets because it threatens their absolute choke hold.  Good for protestors and those who raise their voice.  That's what a democracy is supposed to be about.  smile.  I hope they bring greater awareness to the dangerous environmental issues we all face.  It's time to stop making it political, and as humans, start taking better care of this home we all share.

  3. Superkev profile image85
    Superkevposted 3 years ago

    I am just wondering why all these earth first, environmentally conscious people left so much garbage in the streets like Styrofoam cups and other such refuse. Why do they hate Gaia so much? It makes baby Jesus sad you know.

    1. watergeek profile image98
      watergeekposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      In a sense, you're right, although you should see all the trash left behind after the Rose Bowl parade each year. Tons more than this!! I did read that trash cans were overflowing, which means NYC didn't put enough out.

    2. Superkev profile image85
      Superkevposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      The diff being that the Rose Parade is a bunch of still drunk people on New Years morn, not a bunch of supposed environmentalists bitching how people aren't taking care of the planet while trashing it themselves.

    3. connorj profile image76
      connorjposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      It is both shameful and hypocritical...

  4. deecoleworld profile image82
    deecoleworldposted 3 years ago

    It looks and sounds nice, but I think its kinda silly. You can gather in big groups and yell (that will get attention) but unless you do it frequently and put your words and energy to real actions (such as working with local/state officials, proposing and earning/winning policy changes, legislation and laws), its really just a show. It was really random, it came outta nowhere, and I don't think it made much of an impact. You got to get people engaged and interested, it has to be newsworthy (it has newsworthiness but it isn't newsworthy/ btw I feel news stations and newspapers just report to report). Climate change isn't new and some people don't even believe in it. Remember Occupy Wall St....... where is this "movement" now? I feel most people came out cuss it was fun/exciting/ mildly interested/believe in climate change. I know this sounds cynical but I am being realistic. Remember Civil Rights (black people), Women's Rights???? They stuck to their guns and made serious changes to society.... and its still going on now

    1. watergeek profile image98
      watergeekposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You ask where Occupy is? They've evaluated all they've learned about community organizing, have put together a packet of info (that you can get online), and are helping communities get organized worldwide now.

  5. AMFredenburg profile image79
    AMFredenburgposted 3 years ago

    I hope it results in action on the part of government, but I'm not optimistic. We may need to have a strong movement that tells individual citizens how to combat climate change; unfortunately, it's going to take individual action from a lot of people, but good luck having the government promoting een that.

    1. deecoleworld profile image82
      deecoleworldposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Soo true!!!

  6. Jodah profile image88
    Jodahposted 3 years ago

    Hopefully it has the desired effect. At least it proves there is a growing awareness in the general community. It appears that the Governments China and USA, as well as Germany and France are taking Climate Change seriously. As for Australia...I hang my head in shame. Wonderful speeches by Leonardo DiCaprio at the UN Summit.

  7. watergeek profile image98
    watergeekposted 3 years ago

    I'm hoping that so many people supporting the same thing, seeing their numbers, will result in individuals becoming more motivated to take action themselves. I agree that we can't keep waiting for the government to do it. We've too long treated the government like a parent who has to give us permission, when that parent is juggling demands from all the other siblings too. We, the people need to grow up to our own adulthood and take action in our daily lives for what we believe. Hopefully, one of the end results will be just that.