What are the TEN most contentious issues between Black Conservatives and Black L

  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are the TEN most contentious issues between Black Conservatives and Black Liberals

    in terms of socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and sociocultural issues?


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    danicoleposted 3 years ago

    10 issues between Black Conservatives and Black Liberals
    1. Social/Welfare programs  (welfare, food stamps) Black Conservatives are usually against this (less government spending). While Black Liberals are usually for this (more government spending)
    2. Affirmative action (Black Conservatives are usually against this, sees this as hand outs and Black Liberals are usually for this, see this as justice)
    3. Assimilation into society ((Black Conservatives want to assimilate and perhaps rid themselves of stereotypical black identity and Black Liberals want to hold onto their identity while assimilating). From my perspective Black conservatives want to distance themselves from poor blacks and Black culture (especially the negatives/controversial sides of it, saying the n word, rap music, sagging/way they dress, natural hair, etc). While black liberals want to promote black culture while attempting to assimilate into the mainstream culture too.
    4. Black conservatives usually pro U.S. foreign policies, are supporters of Israel and are anti-Palestinian. Black liberals are sympathetic to rebel/radical causes.
    5. Black conservatives are more traditional on religious/political issues (anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, etc.) While Black liberals  are more progressive in their views (pro-choice/womens' rights, pro-gay marriage, etc.)
    6. Black conservatives are usually younger than Black liberals so there is ageism going on between both groups and a clash between generations
    7. Black conservatives are perhaps more educated and part of a higher social class (aka more $$$) than black liberals. So there is a clash and divide between economic classes
    8. Black liberals are more leniant (more understaanding on black people's bad behavior (lack of education, broken families, acting ignorant, depending on the government) while black conservatives model their views and behavior on personal responsiblity and self-reliance. A lot of black conservatives often blame black poor people for their predicament.
    9. Black liberals probably view a lot of  black conservatives as arrogant Uncle Toms who think they are better than them. While black conservatives view black liberals as black apologists, supporters of ignorance/bad behavior and who don't promote personal responsibility.
    10. Black liberals are very focused on racism and trying to get rid of it. While black conservatives are not so much focused on racism but more on establishing themselves/acceptance in mainstream american society

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    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    The biggest contention in my opinion is how government revenues/taxes should be spent.
    Liberals are more in favor of having the government help the downtrodden, elderly, children establish a (floor) of which they cannot drop below. This would include providing money, housing and medical aid, along with funds for food and college.
    Conservatives endorse every man and woman for themselves. They feel the government should "get out the way" and allow supply and demand along with competition to dictate business choices, eliminate government dependency by the poor and support programs that encourage self-reliance. They hate to see perpetual dependency.
    They believe government funds should be used primarily for providing defense of the country, maintaining roads and infrastructure, along with services such as police, fire, and public school systems.
    However the thing that separates blacks from whites when it comes to these two stances is (whites are allowed to be on either side) without being accused of being "less white" where as a black conservative is viewed in the eyes of many other blacks as being an "Uncle Tom" or a "Sell out". That's just wrong on so many levels.