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To what extent should we tolerate the ethics and morals of others without any ki

  1. Daniel Bassilios profile image79
    Daniel Bassiliosposted 3 years ago

    To what extent should we tolerate the ethics and morals of others without any kind of intervention?

    What do you think the limit to tolerance should be before we condemn and target certain points of view which we consider diabolical. For example; the extent to which freedom is free. Certain pressure groups have some austere and extreme doctrines but they're allowed to preach to the public.


  2. Craig Suits profile image77
    Craig Suitsposted 3 years ago

    In the event moronic groups like the KKK don't break any laws (of which there are many such as inciting riots or conspiracy to murder), then they have as much right as anyone else to speak their minds  (as small as they are in this particular case).
    There is always the general public to fill in where the law fails. If the general public fails, then we simple need to design a new flag. i.e. I'm currently watching a new Robin Hood on Hulu Plus. The Sheriff of Notingham is such a miserable bastard, I'd have shot him myself a long time ago and I deplore unorganized, illegal violence...
    Years ago there were millions of KKK and lets not forget Hitler. It can happen so sleep with one eye open people. Look what happened to our great music, now we give our kids metal, punk, and rap. I let that happen and so did you older folk...for shame. Our children today live with sexual sleeze, foul language, violence, guns, drugs, disgusting performers, disrespect of everything and anything and a complete lack of communal responsibility and on and on.
    Freedom of speech.one thing, but like I said, you better sleep with one eye open, it's never free...

  3. Austinstar profile image88
    Austinstarposted 3 years ago

    The line should be drawn when words incite harmful actions. Just to speak about dissenting opinions is not harmful in and of itself. It's only when you encourage or advocate violence toward others that it becomes necessary to step in and stop it.
    You are free in the U.S.A. to speak of things that other cultures do not allow. The First Amendment to our Constitution gives us this freedom.
    You are free to call someone an idiot if you so choose to do so. You are not harming that person in any real way. You are just expressing your opinion of that person.
    But when you call for injurious actions such as a beating, execution or torture, or even banishment of a person, you are crossing the line of free speech and therefore inciting actual damage to that person.
    On the other end of free speech is the ability we all have to ignore such harmful speeches. We can simply walk away and give the speaker no power at all to spread their extreme doctrines or talk of pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do.
    You have the right to think freely.
    This is what makes this country great.

  4. Sara Jofre profile image76
    Sara Jofreposted 3 years ago

    I must say I'm conflicted in this matter. I am all for freedom, but "my freedom ends when another begins". So isn't it invading others freedom when you say to the world that they are inferior? Yes, people may ignore them, they should do, but we know that that kind of speeches always reach some people, should we let it be? isn't it wrong? When someone says: "all black people are inferior and should be our slaves" , they are insulting every black person, how aren't they infringing any laws?
    I'm following the example, but the same applies to all "black power" speeches. Everything that tries to pass the idea that a group of people is superior to another, that insults and his dangerous, maybe shouldn't be allowed.
    We should be free to speak, we shouldn't be free to insult.

  5. deecoleworld profile image81
    deecoleworldposted 3 years ago

    As long as these ethics and morals of others doesn't hurt anyone (physically, socially, emotionally, financially, etc.) or break any serious laws. It is hard for that to happen completely, but as long as the ethics/morals of others doesn't infringe and prevent others from freedom and happiness then it is possible!!!!