For business & practical reasons, who WOULD you vote for President of the United

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    gmwilliamsposted 21 months ago

    For business & practical reasons, who WOULD you vote for President of the United States of America?

    Why?  Which presidential candidate would be better business-wise & practically for America?  Remember, this is .....about business, people!

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 21 months ago

    Here is my rationale on the question in general.
    Politicians, Congress and the President live in a world where the taxpayers pick up the tab whether they make the country prosper or fail.

    They generate the $600 screw driver, and ash trays in air force planes. The US by definition cannot go bankrupt, they just print more money. So, Congress doesn't have to do business, and they didn't even have the competence to balance their checkbooks.

    There is no real business acumen in congress. it is not their money and they dispense to those who pay their campaigns, and give them other perks.

    Congress can't even pass a single issue bill without tagging it with pork.
    Most of the current presidents of the US came up through government state, local and or federal. Many got into politics,and died in politics, literally.

    So, any professional politician is to be assumed ignorant, or simply doesn't care about math, and business. They are politicians and they care about their careers, and their power.

    So in picking a president, it would be a plus for one to be knowledgeable about business. So they can understand the private sector and how life is so different from that in government. Federal employees get the benefits, and job security that are rare to find in the private sector. Instead of being public servants they are treated like the masters, While the people are treated like the servants.

    Of the three existing candidates for the presidency, only Trump has this private sector insight.

    Whether he can or cannot make good use of it in the presidency has to be determined. But, the die is set with Clinton and Sanders as we already have seen what they can and can't do in office. Trump is also the only one that is not completely rigid to the party, and therefore has more independence than the other candidates.

    Trump for US president.