As an American, are you SICK of politics as usual, especially the 2016 "presiden

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    gmwilliamsposted 21 months ago

    As an American, are you SICK of politics as usual, especially the 2016 "presidential" candidate

    race? Let's face it, this presidential race is more who is going to shine & have a career highlight on his/her resume than to actually care about improving America educationally & economically. It is the same old song again & again. It is the choice between Trump & Clinton.These are glamor politicians who use the art of persuasion & star power to woo the voting base,using their political clout to advance themselves & their agenda. Yes, politics is very lucrative in addition to being career enhancing. Entering politics is the smartest career move one can make. It's not about you, but THEM...

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 21 months ago

    I don't see Trump as a politician nor has he talked about his political clout. Trump has not been supported by the RNC, but Hillary was supported by the DNC even before the campaigning began. This is a total difference between these two. It is also different than the previous elections where both parties backed the  candidates of the people.

    Trump is not a politician and that is his uniqueness to the presidential candidacy. He understands politics from the outside, but he has not been in politics.
    Hillary is a total politician, and we have seen what she couldn't do as a Senator and as Sec of State. She spent the last two years as Senator campaigning for the presidency in 2008. Along with most of the congress, and that is why the economy meltdown was such a surprise to congress.

    We are doing the same thing now in this election. We have different red herrings to distract us, the latest ones being Terrorist Attacks, and Black Lives. We also have the failure of the parties to back the people's choice for the party primary. Yes, the democrats to because they packed the superdelegates before the people even started to vote.

    Trump is already rich, and he has all the  esteem he needs. It may be that he thinks he can really help the country. While Hillary, you know.

    Politics has not served the US well, and we need some significant changes. One is the get rid of the loyal party voters, most of them are sheep. The other is to have the SC reverse itself on the superpacs, as their is definitely quid pro quo.

    We also need to change the SC decisions to better than a simple majority vote. That is why we are better off now with the 8 member SC. But in the long run a 7-2 would make better decisions.
    With a 5-4 SC dec you are ignoring the opinion of 4 equally qualified SC jurists. Leaving it to a single Jurist to make the decision. That is why the SC makes such bad decisions.