Both candidates are seriously flawed this election cycle. Who do you support and

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  1. Becky Callahan profile image87
    Becky Callahanposted 2 years ago

    Both candidates are seriously flawed this election cycle. Who do you support and why?

    Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Do you strongly support your candidate or are you reluctantly voting with your party?

  2. aasl profile image74
    aaslposted 2 years ago

    I've mulled this over for a long time. But I've decided the only serious candidates are Gary Johnson and Trump. Clinton just doesn't have the integrity to be the leader of the free world. She's riddled with sooo many scandals and her policies aren't what America needs right now except raising the minimum wage, but Trump already said he would be willing to do that too but at the state level.

    If Johnson can start polling at 15% he'll have my vote because he's actually done what Trump and Clinton are promising in his state of New Mexico. He cut the deficit , lowered taxes, AND when he left office the state had a surplus. 

    But right now it has to be Trump. It doesn't make sense to put someone in the White House who can't pass a basic background check with Hillary. We deserve a better woman for the first woman president.

    Hey Becky I just published a new Hub last night check it out and follow me! Thanks!

  3. FatFreddysCat profile image99
    FatFreddysCatposted 2 years ago

    Third party candidate VERMIN SUPREME is the obvious choice. Not only is he a snappy dresser, but he's the only candidate who offers a zombie preparedness plan in his platform.

  4. bradmasterOCcal profile image29
    bradmasterOCcalposted 2 years ago

    I reject your premise, as Trump is not flawed. But the election process, especially on the left is corrupt.

    The decline of the US started in the 70s, continued through and and punctuated by the dot com bubble burst, which was followed by 911, where the entire US gov failed the people and the country. Then on 2008 the gov let us down once again. The last 8 years the country continued its decline.
    The point here is that the established pro politicians of both parties in congress and the presidency failed to stop or even slow down the decline of the US. This can be verified by looking at US history from the 70s till now. Neither party had any solutions, but both parties contributed to the problems.

    Donald Trump is my choice because he is not a pro politicians, and he was not apart of the US decline. He has an understanding of the private sector, while most of the politicians don't have a clue? Many have nested in congress for decades, and during those decades they were ineffective in slowing down the US decline much less stopping or reversing it.

    Donald Trump beat out fair and square 18 pro politicians, and Hillary Clinton barely and unfairly beat out Bernie Sanders.

    Trump is the only one talking about reversing that decline. While Hillary is focusing not on America, and Americans but on Muslim Immigrants that can be vetted to enter America. This is a risk to our national security.

    It is not American to turn your back on Americans in the country, while favoring non Americans, and possibly terrorists that want to hurt our people and our country.

    Hillary had her chance as senator, and sec of state and she failed at both chances, coming out with zero accomplishments and some negatives.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton got the US into NAFTA, and that has resulted in loss of American Jobs, low US exports, and massive imports especially from China. China has used the Clinton trade agreements to unfairly devalue their currency to sell their products here, while at the same time using the dollars received from their products to buy up real estate and companies here.

    Hillary and the dems want to keep the US porous, and that has been the cause of illegal immigrants sucking up financial aide, free medical and schools. It also allows the Mex drug cartel to bring in billions of dollars of illegal drugs into the US. Also, we don't know how many terrorists have come across into the US. 
    There is much more, but running out of characters.


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