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Will Republicans Fulfill Their Promise to Kill the Supreme Court When Hillary Wi

  1. Justin Earick profile image83
    Justin Earickposted 18 months ago

    Will Republicans Fulfill Their Promise to Kill the Supreme Court When Hillary Wins?

    Senators John McCain & Chuck Grassley have already confirmed their intention to block any and all of Hillary's prospective SCOTUS nominees. Will there be any consequence for purposely attempting to sustain a constitutional crisis strangling one of our three branches of government for four years? Will our mainstream corporate media - run by wealthy conservative executives - be honest about what is happening for once?

  2. Alternative Prime profile image75
    Alternative Primeposted 17 months ago

    Republicans have Illegaly OBSTRUCTED ALL Progress for POLITICAL Reasons for the last 8 YEARs which is "BORDER-Line Treasonous" ~ If they are in POWER after the ELECTION which is HIGHLY Questionable Considering the Anticipated "WAVE Against Republicans", & They CONTINUE this OBSCENCE Activity at the Expense of Conducting the "PEOPLEs Business", which includes the "Consideration" of "Supreme COURT Nominees" Regarldess of which Political Affiliation was Responsible for the NOMINATION, it is absolutely GROUNDs for either IMPEACHMENT or Litigation for TREASON ~

    Republican Mitch McConnell should have been REMOVED from OFFICE Shortly after President Obama was SWORN In for his EXPLICIT Intent to LIMIT OUR President to 1 TERM According to his own words ~ It was Disgusting then & it's just as Disgusting NOW ~ He & Many other Republicans have been "DERELICT of Duty" since then ~

    1. lovemychris profile image66
      lovemychrisposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      dems are not playing around this time. they have sued trump campaign in 4 states for violating voting rights act, and kkk act of 1871! you white guys n gals voting trump...u think u mad? just watch.shenanegans ovah!!! u went too far

  3. lovemychris profile image66
    lovemychrisposted 17 months ago

    no, there will be no consequences, and the media will blame hillary. years ago, it was the mantra to starve the gvt (except the tax dollars and loopholes that go to the ultra rich) now they just want to own it all, the hell with half of america.
    the only hope is a democratic house or senate, which can use their own machinations to stop this complete and total take over of the u s of a.