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How do you reunite a country after the charged election America experienced in 2

  1. kbdressman profile image94
    kbdressmanposted 17 months ago

    How do you reunite a country after the charged election America experienced in 2016?

    What specific efforts should Americans make, on both a large and an individual scale, to move forward in the healthiest way possible?  Is there a country that has experienced a similar situation and responded gracefully and/or successfully?

  2. lovemychris profile image66
    lovemychrisposted 17 months ago

    i dont think uniting is possible. the ugliness has just gone too far. we unite on holidays, sports events, etc. but as far as all for one and one for all.....too many people dont give a hoot about the all. only care about the one. unless and until we can stop lying, throwing mud, and using every dirty means necessary to get our way, forget it. respect for others has gone out the window.

    1. lovemychris profile image66
      lovemychrisposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      republicans are now going to erase every single thing we voted for when we elected barack obama. and mcconnell is such a huckster. all of a sudden, he says minority party has to go along with the trump! what a hoot! after 8 years of blocking obama.

  3. Becky Katz profile image83
    Becky Katzposted 17 months ago

    Our country has two-fold healing to do. It has to heal from the racism that has been unleashed on it for the past 8 years as well. What is pathetic is, no one has even noticed it has been put in place by our current President. The last time we were united as a country was on September 11, 2001.
    We will be all right eventually, but not for many years. It will take a true Statesman, that just loves people. Bernie might have handled it, if he could have kept the liberals under control and cut back on spending a bit to appease the conservatives. The conservatives would be happy if the liberals just spent less and 'tried' to balance the amount of outgoing money with the incoming money.
    I do not believe that Trump is capable of healing our country. He is too full of hate. Hillary is too concerned with herself. We should have a rocky next 4 years. Hopefully we can come up with a viable person to run next time. We sure did not get a good candidate this time to put our belief into.

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    End the liberal branding that they are smart, tolerant, educated, moral and everyone who disagrees is automatically branded stupid, ignorant, crazy, bad.
    This branding by the left served them well in several respects. It lets someone utterly dismiss any contrary opinions, it gives an easy answer to dismiss topics one wants to explain away as caused by bias or solved by "adopt liberalism". And it makes a lot of people feel good, "if I join this tribe, I'm automatically assumed to be smart and good no matter what I do?" This view enables liberal bullying, where one could join hate mobs online or in person to scream at people, destroy property, try to destroy a livelihood and threaten murder - but it is OK, because you're doing it for a good cause. Hence the beatings of whites in various BLM and anti-Trump riots seen as justified, along with death threats and assaults regularly committed by SJWs.
    Yes, this made conservatives angry. To be demonized on the basis of demographics in some cases, to be told "you're bad, shut up" when trying to discuss matters from illegal immigration to bad social policy implementations in schools to Islamic terrorism. In the past two years, it escalated with SJWs not only disrupting conservative events on campus but disrupting public events, assaulting speakers and audiences alike. For example, the San Jose CA rally where Trump supporters were chased down, hit with rocks and eggs for merely being Trump supporters. Laura Southern and Milo Yianapolis were hit. Death threats are common, too. And for the authoritarian left, all of these fascist actions are acceptable to them and tolerated by those in power ...
    If you can be beat up and threatened merely for your race or political views (see the black homeless woman beat up by liberals for defending Trump's star, whites assaulted by BLM mobs in Charlotte), wouldn't you support the law and order candidate? Versus Clinton who agreed with their violent ideology and actions.
    Nor is it all anger. Fear of the totalitarian demands of the left and their stated goals of destroying freedom of speech, press, greater regulation of all personal and economic decisions, etc concern many.

    And that's ignoring identity politics that tie approved beliefs to various groups and demonizing those who fall out of lockstep (see bad treatment of conservative blacks like Clarence Thomas, conservative women, etc).