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Have you ever come across hypocrite people?

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    surviposted 17 months ago

    Have you ever come across hypocrite people?

    Lets admit it we all are hypocrite someway or the other. But sometimes we come across people who have done masters in hypocrisy. Let me tell you an example there were some boys in my college who flirts ,comments and behave like an insane with girls but when it came to their sister they started beating that guy because he had commented on their sister . what a guy we need to salute him for his cheap mentality and behaviour. I am requesting all you people out there please do not comment on anyone. And stop being hypocrite.

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    peter565posted 17 months ago

    Racist people are usually hypocrites. That set double standard between white people and none white. One of my favor example is the view on women. Our traditional view between how the west and none west treat women, has been criticized by a lot of expert in dealing with issue of domestic abuse towards women. Our traditional western view is that "the west treat women well and the none west treat women like crap." this has been criticized by lots of experts, this is because (1) statistic have found, the ratio of western men who conduct domestic abuse towards women, is in fact higher then men from non western background. Study in the US found, Japanese women who married western men, 1/2 suffer domestic abuse, which result in divorce, while those who married Asian men only 1/20 is abused. (2) the idea that the west treat women better then none west, is in fact a rumor first spread by white supremacist, during the 19th century and taken as fact, by society due to having little contact with none west, during that time.

    Within the concept of "west treat women better then none west" is the false idea that "Asia is a society where the wife serve husband on hand and knee like a slave, while the husband is a King." (anybody that lived in Asia, will tell u it ain't true.) Many racist white men, use this idea to criticized the none west to be bad, but then, they turn around and say "I prefer marrying an Asian women, because unlike western girls, they still know a wife is suppose to serve the husband.".

    So those racist people say the none west is bad, because they believe "women is suppose to serve husband on hand and knee." and then turn around and say "I prefer Asian women, because they still know a woman is suppose to serve husband on hand and knee." and if u ask, "then aren't u doing the same thing?" they say "I'm not doing anything wrong, because wife is suppose to serve." then u ask, then why u criticize none west they will say "they are wrong, because they believe women suppose to serve husband." WTF????????????

    Trust me, I've seen this happen sooooooooooooo many times.

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    AshutoshJoshi06posted 17 months ago

    There are actually several kinds of hypocrites, the one you mentioned are a commoners.
    You have liberal hypocrite suffering from verbal diarrohea
    Religious hypocrites busy with blasphemy
    Then you have our very own political hypocrites who have masters in hypocrisy

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      Norine Williamsposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      "Religious hypocrites busy with blasphemy"
      II Kgs 17:29-41 & Acts 17:22-34!