Do you think, Trump winning was rigged?

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  1. profile image57
    simplybeautieposted 2 years ago

    Do you think, Trump winning was rigged?

    A lot of people did not want Trump to win, but others did. People think just because he is president, everyone is trying to be racist. Hillary had a lot of good points. There has also been rumors that there should not be a women president.

  2. blueheron profile image95
    blueheronposted 2 years ago

    I think there is a strong possibility that the vote was rigged against Trump in some of the urban areas that are known for that type of thing, and that there is a probability that illegals voted for Hillary in states with a high population of illegal immigrants. Rational people do not vote for or against someone on the basis of their gender, nor do I see any evidence of racism in any of Trump's political positions.

  3. Old-Empresario profile image81
    Old-Empresarioposted 2 years ago

    No. The forces that have all of the power to rig an election all supported Clinton. Trump was the underdog in every way.

    1. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
      Dont Taze Me Broposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      The forces=the media(65journalists colluded with Hillary) DNC (colluding to kill Bernie rigged the final election for her to be the candidate)the administration(FBI, CIA, DOJ all shilled for Hillary),AsOE says,it was rigged,but not for DT.

    2. krillco profile image91
      krillcoposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      wow, are you ever...blind

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    No. He won despite Democrat vote fraud proven per Project Veritas, Wikileaks and the Michigan recount that proved many votes were counted multiple times for Democrats. Note that the Democrats rigged their own primary against Sanders, too, though he was the stronger candidate.
    Trump won despite all the major media outlets and social media sites being biased against him. And once he won, the liberal mainstream media and social media that was banning conservative individuals and sites as "hate" now double down and try to ban the rest as "fake news".

    WikiLeaks Makes DNC Look Bad - Banned on Facebook and Shadowbanned on Twitter … ebook-now/

    Apple, Twitter, Google, Instagram collude to defeat Trump … eat-trump/

    Meet leftist prof who wrote 'hit list' of 'fake' news sites
    Trump-basher 'feminist' blacklists WND, Breitbart, Blaze, O'Keefe's Project Veritas … 1aLl17P.99

  5. bradmasterOCcal profile image39
    bradmasterOCcalposted 24 months ago

    Yes, it was rigged by the liberal, democrats, the fat cat donors, foreign donors, and others, but it failed, and Donald Trump is the next US president.

    It is now a Fact that Donald Trump is President

    1. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
      Dont Taze Me Broposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      Hillary fails at rigging,lost 2008 primary to Obama cause she didn't rig the super delegates(won the popular vote though-that didn't make Obama illegit?)Learned her lesson&rigged supers against Bernie but failed in rigging Presidential FAIL

  6. krillco profile image91
    krillcoposted 24 months ago

    Voter fraud does not exist the way most people think; it's rather like giraffes mating: it happens very quietly, at a very high level.


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