What are Donald Trump's views on immigration?

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    Mrs s jposted 11 months ago

    What are Donald Trump's views on immigration?

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 11 months ago

    He tweets them, he has press conferences on them, and he has EOs on them. Google them. WE have existing Immigration Laws that he is enforcing, that weren't enforced in the last 8 years at least.

    Also, he doesn't want open borders, and refugees to be our weak link in National Security. That should get you started.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 11 months ago

    That since we had eight terrorist attacks by Muslim migrants in two years, including the San Bernadino shooters, OSU attacker and Boston Bombers - all of whom we didn't identify through our vetting process - it is reasonable to halt all immigration from nations that have openly advocated for terrorism against the US until we CAN vet the incoming people for ties to terrorism.
    We couldn't tell that the San Bernadino wife had liked ISIS on social media and declared allegiance ... so obviously we aren't doing a good job right now.
    And it is immoral to put the quality of life of immigrants coming in over the right to life of the Americans they may kill.