The necessity of financial freedom for women

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    kitty9posted 12 months ago

    The necessity of financial freedom for women

    Financial freedom for women is extremely essential for self-esteem, respect and dignity of women in a patriarchal society . It would make her independent to take her  decisions pertaining to her life ,her kids,her marriages.

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    Tusitala Tomposted 12 months ago

    Yes!  And it would be fair to say that ALL human beings need financial independence - being free of reliance on the actions of others that they may be independent.   It's a world worth working towards.

    And it is being "worked towards," but the going is hard.  It involves the dedication, commitment, and love towards all others that it might, eventually be brought about.

    Oh, and if you feel things are bad in the Western Democracies, check out some of the other nations in this great big world of ours.  In many places the concept of women needing self-esteem, respect, and dignity doesn't even register in those completely male-dominated societies.