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Trump is putting together his cabinet? Who Scares you the most and/or you pleas

  1. bluesradio profile image76
    bluesradioposted 13 months ago

    Trump is putting together his cabinet?  Who Scares you the most and/or you pleasantly surprised by?

  2. lions44 profile image99
    lions44posted 13 months ago

    The scariest guy, Flynn, is gone. I did not like his obsession with Russia.  Strange situation.

    No one else "scares" me but there are a couple who are lacking in experience and competence. Betsy DeVos being the most obvioius.

    However, Trump's national security team is shaping to be very strong, if they can keep the politics out.  Like McMaster and Mattis a lot. I think John Kelly is going to be great, but he is tied down on this stupid immigration nonsense right now which is very unfortunate.

    1. bradmasterOCcal profile image28
      bradmasterOCcalposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      What is stupid about immigration, what nonsense? You mention National Security and then you mention Immigration nonsense??

  3. Shyron E Shenko profile image80
    Shyron E Shenkoposted 12 months ago

    Rex Tillerson (Putin puppet) and Steve Bannon (who is loony tunes) and his whole cabinet each one on the mission to destroy the departments they are in charge of.
    No surprise, except that the Republicans seem to be condoning trump craziness.
    Surprise trump making up lies about President Obama and just like the lies about Hillary stupid people will believe it.

    Blessings Marc.