Trump lifts transgender bathroom guidance - has common sense finally returned?

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  1. RJ Schwartz profile image91
    RJ Schwartzposted 22 months ago

    Trump lifts transgender bathroom guidance - has common sense finally returned?

    Transgender students on Wednesday lost federal protections that allowed them to use school bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities, as the Trump administration stepped into a long-simmering national debate. In a letter to the nation's schools, the Justice and Education departments said the earlier guidance "has given rise to significant litigation regarding school restrooms and locker rooms."

  2. profile image54
    peter565posted 22 months ago

    Political correctness going insane, is due to people fail to understand the real issue associated with problem and usually political correctness going insane, don't help to resolve the problem, but make things even worse. I'm going to take a few example

    1. Racism: The issue of racism is associate with racial centralism and white supremacy

    A. Racial Centralism: Human are pack animals, but there are people who define who are one of us, on such pack sense, base on stuff such as race, culture, ethnic or religion. Traditional western society, define base on race and religion, after the 17th century, not religion anymore, but to a certain extend some people still believe in race.

    B. White Supremacy is in association with the idea white people are superior, this idea rooted in the dark ages believe of Christian are superior, which root in the bible teaching saying Christian are superior to none Christians. White supremacy lead to the belief, the west is superior, as a result and this make people's pride feel good, this leads to something psychologist call "fix believe" that is when a person believe in something badly enough due to conscious or unconscious pay off, they evaluate everything in a manner in coalition with it, by looking for example and construct opinion in favor of the belief and ignore all else.

    Not understanding the problem leads to political correctness going insane, but real racism problem isn't resolve. Eg, Trump wanting to stop illegal immigrants and not let Syria refugee into US fearing terrorist amount them, isn't racist, but there are many who accuse him of been racist, as a result, that is political correctness going insane.

    Yet, this sort of political correctness going insane, doesn't resolve the problem. Eg KKK, are still preparing for a race war, due to their believe of those are same race is us and those of other race is the enemy. Despite all statistics suggest the west got the highest rate of abuse to women, there are many refusing to even acknowledge the possibility, instead fixated on the belief of women is treated best in west, by fixated on ill status of women in Islam and western government disapprove of abuse to women, yet ignore, women status is even worse in bible (according to bible wife is husband's slave) + many western gov disapprove of abuse to women, despite what bible teach, how they suppose to know same ain't happening with Arabs? (Plus, in Islam women are at least allow divorce, Christian don't allow divorce)

    1. profile image54
      peter565posted 22 months agoin reply to this

      PS: Western women are more likely to be obsessed with having a man and abuser frequently feed use it to their advantage to make a women fear not able to find another man, if she leave him, thus she stay in abusive relationship, just to have a man

  3. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    It is a step in the right direction and an act that literally improves the safety of women. If liberals truly thought a man regardless of "Identity" was fine in the company of women in the bathroom, locker room, shower, dorm, then they wouldn't have supported sex segregated facilities in the first place.


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