With the recent revelation of VP Mike Pence using private email for Gov. busines

  1. Randy Godwin profile image91
    Randy Godwinposted 23 months ago

    With the recent revelation of VP Mike Pence using private email for Gov. business, is he a hypocrite

    Pence severely admonished Hillary several times during the campaign with his followers shouting "Lock her up" in the background. Now it comes out he used private email to conduct Gov. business with some of the emails containing sensitive FBI info about ISIS agents in his state. Do you think his actions and words condemning HC for the same thing as hypocritical or do you give him a free pass?

  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image33
    bradmasterOCcalposted 23 months ago

    There is a major difference, first the information of the state department puts the entire country and all our assets here and abroad at risk. There was no mention of it being hacked, and no sensitive information. There was a record of those emails, and that is how you found the story.

    A private email account is much different than a private unsecured email server. The information hacked or leaked on sec of state HRC included clearly marked classified and secret information which no one questions its veracity.

    HRC while under a subpoena duces tecum to turn over her private email server, deleted over 33,000 emails, some of them came back through different sources showing they had classified and secret US information in them.

    Unlike the private AOL account of Gov Pence, the HRC private email server had access by people including the IT admin that didn't have secret or even classified clearance.

    Then scrubbing the email server with Bleach Bit, and then physically damaging it, is not conforming to the subpoena.

    So far, how does it even sound like it is in the same state much less the ballpark?

    Another difference is that there is no allegation that Pence tried to cover anything up, or had anyone in the state try to hide anything.

    We know for a fact, that HRC private email server was hacked as well as contents from it leaked. While, there is no allegation as to the Pence private AOL account.

    Was it hackable, of course, but many secure government servers have also been hacked over the years.

    The comparison here is similar to playing golf at a $1000 dollars a hole, versus billions of dollars a hole.

    That's of particular concern to Justin Cappos, a computer security professor at New York University's Tandon School of Engineering. “It’s one thing to have an AOL account and use it to send birthday cards to grandkids," he said. "But it’s another thing to use it to send and receive messages that are sensitive and could negatively impact people if that information is public.”

    Indiana law does not prohibit public officials from using personal email accounts, although the law is generally interpreted to mean that official business conducted on private email must be retained for public record purposes.
    Many people in the gov use private email accts fed business, how many of them are also saying that Pence is a hypocrite?
    Big difference test: How many hi lev feds have a private email server?


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