Does "Liberalism" has some limits,or its totally free from limits ?

  1. Khawaja Iqbal profile image71
    Khawaja Iqbalposted 23 months ago

    Does "Liberalism" has some limits,or its totally free from limits ?

  2. profile image57
    peter565posted 23 months ago

    Liberalism totally free from limits ? Is not true Liberalism, it is political correctness gone insane and it is just as bad as western conservative value. The problem with these political correctness going insane, is due to people not knowing the core of the problem.

    Eg, racism. the core is traditional western value believe in distinguish people base on racial differences, in fact, the concept of people of different skin color is of different race, is even scientifically denier, This idea of different skin color is different race, is invented by racist people, along with their none sense scientific theories in regards to why white people are superior. Scientific definition of different race(breed) is for 2 to have minor differences in DNA, but still close enough to create offspring and further offspring etc e.g. 2 breed of dogs. Amount all human races, white, blacks, asians etc, there are no DNA differences. what make us having different skin color is due to the exact same reason, why, different people got different features, dominate and recessive DNA, only, in Africa, black skin tone got an advantage due to the huge sun and resistance to skin cancer, in Europe, white skin tone, is better camouflage.

    Traditional western value believe same race = own people, other race = others, it is same as how in some middle eastern nations today they believe same religion =own people, other religion = enemy. But not understanding core of the problem, result in more political correctness going insane, e.g. as much as I don't like Donald Trump, I agree with his policy of not letting Syria refugee in, due to concern of terrorist embedding them self in refugee, but many political correctness going insane type, accuse him of racist.

    Another example, homosexuality, the core of the problem is, the principle core is "One got right of freedom and do no wrong, if one cause no disturbance of peace and harmony with other, within society and within the nation." and been gay, don't violate those principle, thus, there is nothing wrong about it and because been gay don't violate such principle, when those Christian/Muslim fanatics go on angry protest saying "god hate fags" and want to legalize killing gays or is actually killing gays in Russia and some Arabic nations, that cause disturbance to peace and harmony between people, thus doing something wrong. But some people don't understand this and is accusing all action not in favor of gays, as inappropriate. For example there is a series of video on YOutube, where lesbian without consent go around lip kissing other girls, that is sexual assault, as it is unconsential and not consented sexual advancement, so youtube pull one of their videos off and there is a bunch of pro gays accusing youtube of discriminating against gays, thus example of political correctness going insane. And as we can see, in this instance, these political correctness going insane type, is no better then those who want to kill all gays, as they both are causing serious disturbance to peace and harmony.


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