Which other U.S. elections has Russia presided over?

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    capncrunchposted 7 months ago

    Which other U.S. elections has Russia presided over?


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    bradmasterOCcalposted 7 months ago



    Your ? implies that Russia has some involvement with US elections, but this implication has zero evidence to support it. What exactly are you saying Russia did in US elections? What do you allege they did, how did they do it, what was the result of their actions.

    There is absolutely no evidence too date after 10 mo of exhaustive investigations to link Russia with anything. Certainly not to Hrc pres election loss.

    how could HRC win the popular vote,yet blame the loss of the pres on Russia, James Comey, and Bernie Sanders?

    HRC was the sole cause herself for the loss of the pres. She didn't have any platform other than hate Trump, I am a woman, it is my turn to be pres. Trump had campaigned all across the country and critical areas for the EC. Hillary did little to no campaigning between winning the Dem primary and Election day.

    There was certainly no negative influence by anyone against Hillary Clinton in CA, IL, and NY where she swept up the popular vote, rec'd all 104 EC Votes. 6% of the states gave her 38% of 270 EC votes.

    Bernie Sanders voters were not influenced by Russia, or any foreign power, they were loyal to Sanders,most likely voted independent Stein, and Johnson. This is verified by the unusually high votes for these independents.

    can you substantiate any Russian, or other foreign influence against HRC, when Hillary claims she won the popular vote? What was Russian mechanism 2 change EC votes while not being able to give Trump the popular vote?

    These unsupported allegations about Russia preceded Election Day by several months. During that time pres Obama and all the Intel agencies did nothing to address the prob much less take measures to solve the prob . James Comey and FBI first let HRC off on the investigation, then "they" not the Russians reopened the Hillary invest weeks b4 election day.

    what about NBC releasing a 10yr old tape of Billy Bush& Trump that was intended to take the election to Hillary & ensure Trump wouldn't win it.

    What about James Comey giving congress a bogus intel report on Trump and Russia? This was a dem opposition paper, and 17 US intel agencies used this bogus report, when they sh had their own independent reports. Or at least verified this report, which was proven false.

    To date none of the 17 US Intel agencies have ever been on the alleged hacked DNC computers, much less determined it was even hacked.

    Pres Obama and Sec of State Clinton had some nefarious connections with Russia!

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    Sharlee01posted 7 months ago

    I voted for Trump, and Russia had nothing to do with it. If there was an election held today, I would vote for him again. No one can actually point out how the Russians effected the election. .It seems to me if people would slow down, and really think about when all this Russian rhetoric stated along with the  fake news it was not prevalent until after the election..  Russia did not elect Trump American's did... The Russians as well as China and the god old USA have been interfering in elections for decades.

    As of yet there has been no evidence that Russia in any respect changed the outcome of out election.