Has the government become EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE in American society? Why? Why no

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    gmwilliamsposted 9 months ago

    Has the government become EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE in American society?  Why?  Why not?


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    bradmasterOCcalposted 9 months ago


    Not only has the US government been intrusive, but private businesses as well.
    The Patriot Act only authorized what the Intel agencies were already doing. Spying on Americans, And  it is now very clear today, if the Patriot Act powers have really expired.

    The Income Tax system is more than a revenue for the government. BTW, it should be replaced with a National Sales Tax similar to those of the states sales tax. The NST unlike the sales tax would remove all the tax loop holes in the Internal Revenue Code. FICA of course would stay with the Employer, but the employer would not withhold and other monies.

    The Income Tax intrudes on your privacy, as you have to turn over in detail to the IRS anything that produces income. You and your family have all been burdened with a Social Security Number, which acts like a defacto National Id number.

    I would also submit that these SSN not be used for filing taxes if the current system continues. We should change the system to a Tax ID Number (TIN), Currently the SSN is used as the TIN.

    The purpose of a tax is to allow the government to get revenue. Fine, but the 1040 violates privacy. Although the SCOTUS has never agreed with any argument against the validity of the Income Tax. Remember, the 16th Amendment is constitutional by definition. But, the implementation of an amendment can be held unconstitutional. So far the SCOTUS has rejected any an all arguments that it is unconstitutional.

    The 1040 also forces us under penalty of perjury to be a witness against ourselves, which should be a violation of the 5th amendment.
    Also, making Tax Evasion or cheating on your taxes a crime, also should violate due process because the IRS has its own courts and they are not held to the constitution.

    My point is that the Income Tax exceeds the privacy issue when it should get revenue.

    Private Sector.

    Worse than the government is the private sector, from the clubs that give you shopping savings while being able to recreate your life. Of course not with only one single club, but look at all the places that have detailed information on you. And they sell that information to various clients, anyone that will pay.

    All the social clubs, and apps that track not only your location, but your contacts, messages and anything else you have on your phone or computer.

    Don't forget the fast track, that really does track you.
    All the private and govt sec cameras!
    These are the legal ones, and then there are the hackers.