Would you ever consider running for public office? Why or why not?

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  1. Besarien profile image84
    Besarienposted 15 months ago

    Would you ever consider running for public office? Why or why not?

  2. ValKaras profile image86
    ValKarasposted 15 months ago

    I think that most of such hopefuls, at the end of an honest self-assessment would find themselves merely qualified for a "passive government"---the one made up of armchair critics of "what should be done, and what hasn't been done".

    Equipped with the jargon picked up from political circus as lavishly presented by the media, even if they got elected they would suddenly find themselves face to face with the reality of politics in which all that eloquence doesn't help at all.

    Namely, politics doesn't merely consist of yapping convincingly, but there are many of those interest groups to cater to, not even to mention all the pressure from the public not always coinciding with the pressure from those "above", and those "on the side" meaning opposition whose job it is to make their life miserable.

    Many candidates, including those running for presidency may have some pretty solid ideas what they will do differently if elected. But that is never that simple, because there is something like political routine with all players trying to prevent any newcomer to rock the boat. So, before they know it, they are dancing to someone else's music, and now in a jam of having to explain to the public why those promises of the election time cannot be kept.

    The universal excuse is always: "The previous administration left a big mess and it will take time for it to be cleaned, so let's all exercise some patience".

    Life in politics hardly ever matches the picture created by the media, who merely get some unimportant pieces to play with and to fabricate their interpretation of them according to their political preferences, or the one of those paying for such interpretation.

    Much of political dynamics has to do with that unfortunate "classified" information, which is the cornerstone of the joke called democracy. Namely, people are only allowed to know some fragments---especially when it's about foreign chess game.

    So, all in all, I think people of the public have many decent ideas about running an office---but they should be ready for some big surprises there.

    1. Besarien profile image84
      Besarienposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Hi ValKaras! Thanks for the answer! I agree there are many hardships facing someone entering politics at Trump's level or even at the Senate of House. How about a smaller office like a judgeship or even a city council?

  3. watergeek profile image96
    watergeekposted 15 months ago

    I've toyed with the idea of running for mayor lately. I have a combination of a good education (masters in sustainable development), government experience (working for the liberal US Peace Corps, conservative US Forest Service, California state exports, and local schools), business experience, plus years of political activism. So I understand politics, how to get things done, and how to network. But whether I have the determination, physical attractiveness, or the right connections to run is another question.

    1. Besarien profile image84
      Besarienposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Just judging from your hubs, you have valuable knowledge and skills to bring. I wish you luck if you decide to throw your hat into the ring. I have come to the conclusion too many who should run don't while too many who shouldn't do.

  4. Besarien profile image84
    Besarienposted 15 months ago

    I would never run on any level, not even for a minor local position. I'd be terrified of making a mistake I could never put right and having other people suffer because of it. I'd be ineffectual at best and probably an unwitting pawn to deceitful and manipulative people around me. I couldn't deflect questions. I couldn't do sound blurbs. I couldn't make promises that I knew were worthless. The only thing I am sure about is that I wouldn't do anything criminal or corrupt on purpose. Not much of a campaign promise, is it! Luckily there are other ways to do good works.

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