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What is the age of marriage of girl not socially or physically but mentally???

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    Barsarani nayakposted 6 months ago

    What is the age of marriage of girl not socially or physically but mentally???

    I mean why we people think that a girl ready to get marry after age 18  or 21 or 25 if the girl want to do some thing in her life then what the wrong in that???

  2. Necento anto profile image88
    Necento antoposted 6 months ago

    The legal age is set by the government to  prevent child marriages and also because a child does not understand things like marriage, relationships etc. Also the legal age is set because a female body is not ready for giving birth before 18 and many complications can arise in girls who give birth before 18.
    After 18, its a girl's decision what she wants to do with her life, whom she wants to marry, when she wants to marry, or she does not want marriage at all.
    Society has always been judgemental and we cannot change how people think, what we can do is do what makes us happy!
    Hope I answered your question.

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    dashingscorpioposted 6 months ago

    It's not a matter of thinking a specific person is ready for something but rather choosing an {arbitrary age} where one can (legally) consent. When many of these laws were created the vast majority of people did not go to college. By age 18 they had completed high school and were joining the workforce.
    For many years in the U.S. the argument was: "If I'm old enough to be drafted and forced to fight/die in a war then I'm old enough to vote...etc"
    In California a girl in not legally able to consent to having sex until she is 18 while the legal age of consent in Hawaii is 16. Clearly where one lives determines which laws they are expected to follow. It has nothing to do with {the individual}.
    In the U.S. contracts are legally binding if signed by someone over the age of 18. Drivers licenses can be issued to anyone over 16 and the list goes on and on.
    Another consideration might be the level of maturity has dropped since many of these laws were enacted.
    In the 1950s there weren't many 30 year olds still living with their mom and dad. Historically people in their 20s were responsible.
    Just curious why your question is only regarding one gender.
    Are you suggesting a girl is not ready to get married at 21 but a boy is? Marriage is a lifestyle choice. No one has to get married if they don't want to. Oprah Winfrey is over the age of 60 and she's never been married.

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    Terrielynn1posted 6 months ago

    THe age goes by where you live. Consent is 18 here for marriage, but you still have to have someone older, sign for you. That's what I had to do when I got married. Some places it's 21. But mental age is different. Some people will never be able to get married. Here if you don't understand what is all involved in a relationship or marriage, then you are unable to give consent. People like 2 of my children would have to have an evaluation to determine if they fully understand or not. Sadly, neither one will ever be able to marry.