What were the things you HATED about former President Obama & why?

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 months ago

    What were the things you HATED about former President Obama & why?


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    Setank Setunkposted 4 months ago

    Obama is yesterday's news. Lets talk about Angela Merkel  and The Bundestag. Is the Left dead in Germany? Immigration is the fracturing issue here in the U.S., behind Brexit and now in German government crisis. This issue is fricken huge. Wasn't multiculturalism and open borders supposed to make things better?
    I threw this out there because I love your commentary.

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    wba108@yahoo.composted 3 months ago

    1) As a candidate Obama presented himself as an authentic Christian and assured America of his conviction of the sanctity of marriage, once elected he celebrated gay marriage by lighting up the White house with the rainbow flag.

    2) Obama campaigned against President Bushes excessive spending but during his term he nearly doubled the national debt.

    3) "No president ever had a better opportunity to encourage racial reconciliation than Obama. Instead, America’s first black president went in exactly the opposite direction and tried to create as much racial polarization as possible because he thought it benefited him politically."

    "His administration encouraged hatred of police, turned a blind eye to race riots and did nothing to slow down the incessant cries of “racism” from his supporters that greeted every disagreement with Obama’s policies."

    https://townhall.com/columnists/johnhaw … e-n2254303

    4) Showed contempt for the American military by using repeatedly lying about the cause of the attacks in Benghazi and he did this for purely political reasons.

    Again, for purely political reasons, he went against all the advice of his military advisers by announcing to our enemies the timetable for withdrawal in Iraq and withdrawing prematurely. The predictable results were losing all the gains of that the blood of our brave soldiers had earned, setting the stage for ISIS to fill the power vacuum causing the suffering of millions.

    5) The Obama  administration set a new low in actually encouraging illegal immigration because he thought it would benefit him politically. He used his justice department to harass and bully our border patrol and state and local governments who were trying to enforce the law.

    The effects of his policy subverted the rule of law while creating a criminal class. He also imported poverty to America because he thought it would help him politically.