Would you rather pay more taxes or pay fewer taxes?

  1. capncrunch profile image75
    capncrunchposted 4 months ago

    Would you rather pay more taxes or pay fewer taxes?


  2. lovemychris profile image66
    lovemychrisposted 4 months ago

    From each according to his deed, to each according to his need....is that how it goes?? Personally, id rather pay more and have a decent society, than save more and live in a dystopian Dickens novel. Personally, i think it's a crime that investment is taxed at a rate lower than labor. I personally think huge wealth that uses tricks to escape paying taxes is a blight on humanity. And i think people who say taxes are theft dont deserve to enjoy the benefits of what money enjoys them. And personally, i think churches should have to pay...or take a bigger role in helping the needy....i mean a much bigger role, and not helping only their own. That is what I think.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image87
      Billie Kelpinposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      "Personally, I'd rather pay more and have a decent society than save more and live in a dystopian Dickens novel"  This is a perfect answer to a questions like this.  Where do I sign up to your group? Except for the Church reference with which I have no familiarity, I believe exactly as you do.  Somewhere along the line, morality got turned on its head.  That CEOs should make (what is it?) 400 times (?) more than the lowest paid worker is an obscenity. "People who say that taxes are theft don't deserve to enjoy the benefits..." and, I would add,  truly don't understand their responsibilities of citizenship in a free society, and have an extremely cynical view of what taxes "buy" us. Taxes provide roads, bridges, protection, clean air, beautiful surroundings, schools, universities, safety nets for societal needs, defense for our country, and a myriad of benefits daily.  People disparage government and even have a phrase in everyday life.  I never heard it until I hung around affluent people. (I was disgusted the first time I heard it.)  When finishing a task and slopping it together, they say, "Good enough for government,"  I've worked for government agencies whose workers go home at night thinking of how they're going to make life better for those they serve the next day.  I've also worked in the corporate world where there are business lunches at the finest restaurants, where people go home and "close the door" thinking they've done a fine job of enhancing the bottom line and their stock holders pockets as if the stock market reflects the worth of a company anymore. They fly off to meetings in exotic places, and don't blink at cheating here and there to save the company or themselves money. 
      Nowadays, when I finish a task that's not done very well, I say, "Good enough for corporate" because I have no respect for those whose look away from societal needs and rejoice that they're able to use "tricks to escape paying taxes" and are, as you say, "a blight on humanity." They know nothing about morality in the modern world..