Trump & Racism? Point, Counterpoint

  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 15 months ago
    Do you believe that since the inception of Trump as president, has incidences of racism increased or do you strongly contend that Trump isn't racist at all as his remarks & reactions were taken out of context?  Your points, your views on the matter.

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      I have always noticed more incidental racism in those who are from area's that include larger mixed groups of minorities .   Obviously NYC , where Trump is from ,  represents that truth.   Unfortunately we are politically exiting an era of elevated  media "racism .   Racism became a media tool as important as a video camera on national scene under Obama 's two terms.  Blame who you will for that !

      Like it or not almost from day one we saw the politicized , academic elitist assumption that charges of "racism  " were going to be a subject of his administration .  The" beer gardens" , the younger culture that voted for a first time ,  the Chicago mafia included in Obama's  administration , his team was looking to and for " social cause " to be a major working tool of his terms and racism was one  the first tools used .  I do however put most of the blame on his close ties to the divisive news  media , riots , cop killings , subjective media use , crime rates , criminal recidivism , the famous birth certificate issue.

      Trump and racism ?   Where ?   America , including Trump is in the process of putting that very loud and phony cause back into it's own  cage .    Yet again , The news media and it's addictive sensationalism is the catalyst for most  racial  divide anywhere in America today ,  Yes I do blame the news media , mostly .  Trump however deserves more credit than not for dissolving that very political correctness that bore racism during the last ten to fifteen years .

      Want' to find cause for elevated racism in America , look to the agenda of the NEW and  extremely divisive American news media ,  they have been dying a slow death for twenty five years plus , how better a way to "sell more media "  than to revive some of the most divisive issues of the last hundred years in America !     Racism being number  one on that list . ASk ourselves this '

      The Big Question;
      If there is racism in America , Why is it that that message is broadcast the loudest from the halls of News Media , Academia , halls of institutional government office and celebrity Hollywood  at a volume pitch loud enough to split ear drums BUT racism on the streets of American remains at an historical and an all  time low ?


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