Trumps Reckless Gov Shut Down Will Cost Republicans The Senate In 2020

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  1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 5 weeks ago

    And just one more reason it will surely cost him his illegitimate presidency and thank God for that: Progressive Democrats may even win a ‘Veto-Proof Senate Majority’ in 2020 to HALT this perpetual oval office ‘Circus of Crazy‘, betrayal and dangerous political stunts: Americans are OUTRAGED with this constant oval office chaos, recklessness and pure insanity, Trump constantly appeasing Vladimir Putin and instigating this dangerous, mega-reckless ‘Trump Shut Down” where millions of Americans are feeling immense financial pain: I’m confident at this nightmarish point in time, that impotent complicit republican senators like ‘Mutt’ McConnell from the impoverished state of Kentucky and Con-Man Paul Ryan already understand they are about to get WIPED Out Again in 2020 as a direct result of  Donald John Trump’s reckless instability and dark unholy actions like unnecessarily shutting down our government which is already resulting in extremely dire consequences for ALL Americans: 3 Shut Downs in one year while republicans hold the presidency and congress: UNREAL and Unacceptable:

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      AMERICA Once Again is Forced to Erupt in Massive Anti-Trump Protests to STOP the Trump Madness: It didn't take long this time for furious Americans who are OUTRAGED at Mr. Trump's insane atrocious crime against humanity of shutting down our government to swiftly mobilize and begin to organize protests around the country: What Trump and republicans don't seem to realize is that their pathetic GOP support is rapidly shrinking and they represent a dwindling number of awkwardly unhinged anti-American anarchists with fascist tendencies and they will inevitably LOSE the senate to another Massive BLUE Wave of Democratic Righteousness in 2020:

      Republican Mitch "Mutt" McConnell is GONE, space dude Rand Paul is GONE, traitor to his people Marco Rubio is gone and Russian sympathizer drunky Lyndsey Graham will also be tossed out on his rear end along with many other republicans who continue to facilitate  a mentally unstable illegitimate president who seems to be stuck in one gear, "Appease Vladimir Putin":

      AMERICA Once Again is Forced to Erupt in Anti-Trump Protests to STOP the Trump Madness:

      "Angry furloughed federal workers protest shutdown at the White House, around the country"

      "I have rent to pay," a demonstrator said. "I have bills I need to pay. I want to go to work."

      1. GA Anderson profile image88
        GA Andersonposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

        "I have rent to pay," a demonstrator said. "I have bills I need to pay. I want to go to work."

        Then maybe the Federal government wasn't the right choice.

        But wait Jake, hold on a sec. That wasn't in support of the shutdown - I think it is uncaring political stupidity, or a knock on the federal employee - I think many make valuable contributions to keeping our government running, it was just a note that even gravy trains have their lumps.

        "ya buys ya ticket, ya takes ya chances"


    2. wilderness profile image97
      wildernessposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      And as evidence that the Senate will be lost in 2 years, you offer...what?    That past shutdowns always resulted in a change in the Senate makeup the next election?  That either chamber consistently changed hands when past shutdowns occurred?

      Or are you still just using hatred of our president as the sole support for your tirades?

      1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
        JAKE Earthshineposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

        At this point in time, 3 years into Bozo Trump's dark, nightmarish unholy era of utter insanity and unthinkable crimes against humanity for which he will inevitably serve an eternity in the white hot pit, if a person does NOT despise the Trumps by now for doing everything they possibly can to appease Russia and undermine the USA, there is a high probability that there may be something very wrong with him or her upstairs:

        Bozo Trump caused the greatest Blue Progressive Democratic WAVE of Righteousness in the House in the midterms, winning the house by a RECORD Number of Votes with many liberal victories in RED Districts, and with the Bozo trump madness only increasing since then, the trend AGAINST republicans who do absolutely NOTHING to halt his insanity and who in many instances actually enable him, will ensure an even Greater BLUE Democratic Wave taking over the senate in 2020:

        1. wilderness profile image97
          wildernessposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

          So yes, the sole indication the Senate will be lost as a result of shutdown is hatred of Trump, with a large dash of exaggeration and shunting aside of relevant information.  Got it.

          1. Randy Godwin profile image93
            Randy Godwinposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

            I do believe Bob Mueller may have a role in this event, Dan. Of course, you'll continue to make excuses for the cretin no matter what his report says.

          2. PrettyPanther profile image84
            PrettyPantherposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

            Jake is merely stating an opinion.  Democrats will have a chance, but most professional prognosticators say the odds are still in favor of Republicans retaining control of the Senate. 

   … e-favored/

          3. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
            JAKE Earthshineposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

            Hatred of the Trumps by the vast majority of Americans which is completely normal is absolutely one element which will contribute to another Massive BLUE Wave of Righteousness which will indeed swallow Mega-Corrupt, Russian Red Republicans in the senate, and Bozo Trump's constant insanity, darkness, uncontrolled chaos, ineptitude and extreme daily crisis along with his undermining of our healthcare system, crimes against humanity and seemingly utter disdain for our democracy are just a few more reasons WHY many republican senators including "Mutt" McConnell  and space dude Rand Paul will get wiped out again in 2020 for being complicit with his public appeasing of our enemies and destruction of our NATO Allies:

            Vladimir Putin's Brexit scheme is dead, a scam which would have weakened our allies, and thank God for that: Now we need to REMOVE somebody who acts just like his little red puppet from our oval office: We can't even get Bozo to release the transcripts from his private meeting with Putin !!!!: What else do you need to know ????

    3. peterstreep profile image78
      peterstreepposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      Is the shutdown of a government not simply hijacking democracy. How can it be that a president has the power to use a shutdown of a government as a tool for negotiations!!!

      1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
        JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

        Greetings peterstreep and you are absolutely correct, Mr. Trump has been able to hijack our democracy because he and the Red Russian Republicans owned ALL of government from top to bottom up until a few weeks ago, but now with Democrats in control of the house, we'll soon see impeachment hearings begin and Trump held accountable for his insane hopefully brief reign of ineptitude, unprecedented corruption, self serving indulgence, mad cruelty, racism, misogyny and his overt attempts to undermine our healthcare system and close relationships with our NATO Allies:

        1. Randy Godwin profile image93
          Randy Godwinposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

          And if Mitch grew a couple, this would soon be over. The Senate Republicans don't want to stand up to Donnie, and don't want their constituents to see them voting to keep the govt closed. Ergo, no vote in the Senate unless the conman okays it.  Some co-equal branch of govt mitch is controlling!!   Not!!

          1. peterstreep profile image78
            peterstreepposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

            whatever the reason, a government shutdown should never be possible. It just shows that there is a loophole in the law that allows such a thing to happen.
            I would have said the same thing if Obama had used a government shutdown.
            It shows to me that the American political system is left much to desire.

            1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
              JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this


              peterstreep, YES, there are many loopholes in our laws and that combined with a mega-corrupt Russian Republican Controlled Congress which was more concerned about its complicity with the most illegitimate president in our nations history rather than protecting the people from his madness and public support of our enemies, has brought us to this emergency constitutional and political crisis we've involuntarily entered almost exactly 2 years ago:

              The GOOD news is that a Massive BLUE Wave of Progressive Democratic Righteousness has washed away many corrupt, Russian appeasing republicans from our house of representatives and impeachment hearings and legal action to remove our oval office resident are forthcoming, long overdue and should commence very soon for the sake of saving what's left of this dreary faltering nation:

              Laws need to be changed and so does our seriously flawed constitution which gave us an electoral college specifically designed to STOP a mentally unstable treacherous person from assuming the reigns of power but that of course FAILED miserably due to a minority which was loyalty to a sick 70 year old man instead of loyalty to ones country:

              Our founders in the 1700's could never have conceived of advanced computerized technology which allowed an arch enemy like Vladimir Putin to easily and unlawfully influence our presidential election to embed what appears to be a friendly in our oval office and that combined with the unforeseeable possibility that enough Americans could be as gullible as they were to vote for such an unqualified serial liar with such a dubious past and such public admiration for our enemies while exhibiting such disdain for our own military POWS produced a nightmarishly evil result:

              Vladimir Putin's Brexit scheme has failed miserably, it will NEVER happen and thank God for that and now, with the beginning of the end of Donald Trump's nightmare of a presidency nearing conclusion, we can begin to rebuild our previously un-tampered with alliances: OUR constitution must change to preserve what's left of our future:

          2. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
            JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

            Randy, with each passing day, we hear or read about more evidence unearthed which appears to explain exactly WHY republican congress persons and some individuals within Bozo Trump's corrupt cabinet are deeply fearful of not only their dwindling number of constituents, but perhaps the Red Hand of Putin's DOOM as well:

            I heard a SHOCKING report about weirdo Steve Mnuchin and his alleged direct ties and or business dealings with Russian Elites which I need to follow up on before I comment but YES, believe it or NOT yet another individual within the Trump circle who has been reported to have been or perhaps still is, intimately involved with Communist Russian Elites, just like Donny Boy:

            I fear we still need to ask this pressing question given ALL the pending evidence, did Donald shut-down OUR government to appease Vladimir Putin ???? I know it's a frightening thought, but it would just be one mORE within a NEVER ending nightmare of oval office insanity:

  2. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 5 weeks ago

    Massive PROTESTS Against Trump and his INSANE Government Shut Down Erupt in DC which is one more destructive political stunt Vladimir Putin must be proud of: Vladimir is sure getting his monies worth out of this clown:

    "Shutdown situation bleak as feds rally against Trump at White House" … 84beacb9b4

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      After everything this disgraceful public Vladimir Putin appeaser has done to you and your family so far with many more of his inevitable disastrous unholy acts to come if he manages to evade impeachment / indictment until 2020, if you're STILL one of the dwindling few who remain brainwashed into believing a useless pile of border concrete will somehow miraculously prevent vile substances like drugs from being transported into the USA I'm sorry, but it appears as if you are being hoodwinked by this orange man once again:

      Here are the facts and please, don't watch if you're sensitive to information which makes Mr. Trump look like he never reads or studies an issue: Sorry folks, but despite the constant public crying and sobbing the alt right wingers do everyday because they're frightened of foreigners which their own ancestors once were, a bloated pile of 50 Billion Dollar concrete plopped along our borders will NEVER stop the flow of drugs as explained in plain English by a border expert in this short film:

  3. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 4 weeks ago

    How much more intentional oval office madness can the USA take and when will he be REMOVED for his actions? Americans are furious and outraged with Donald Trump for his reckless government shut down leaving millions without financial stability: POLLS indicate even his SHRINKING base of followers are turning on him which spells doom for him as he must be impeached and indicted for all previous dark acts, and he's a primary contributor to leaving the republican senate in extreme dire straights for 2020 in which winning a Veto-Proof Democratic Majority now seems inevitable:

    "Who do you think is mainly responsible for this situation?"

    Trump & Republicans - 53%
    Democrats - 29%

    "Americans blame shutdown on Trump over Democrats by wide margin, poll finds" … 564178002/

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      Trump's Recklessly Insane Government Shut-Down Results In MORE Massive Protests Against Him:: DESPICABLE and Criminal: he needs to STOP his madness and open OUR government so Americans can go back to WORK:

  4. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 4 weeks ago

    Weirdo White Nationalist Crazy Woman Ann Coulter continues to TORTURE Bozo Trump stripping him of what little manhood he might of had by calling him "Jeb": Hundreds of thousands of hard working AMERICANS are forced into financial peril with an uncertain future by the unhinged 72 year old orange mutton-head in the oval office and his primary concern is appeasing Coulter, a sick elderly woman who is frightened to death just like Donald, of foreigners which their own ancestors once were: UNREAL

    "Ann Coulter blasts Trump shutdown compromise: ‘We voted for Trump and got Jeb!’" … nd-got-jeb

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      At this dangerously absurd point in this era of oval office clowns, could you possibly expect anything other than this type of INSANITY and Ineptitude??

      The so called "Negotiators / Deal Makers" for the dark illegitimate Trump white house assigned to deal with his unnecessary shut-down are Donald Trump who of course as we all know bankrupted several casinos in New Jersey and was recently forced by the NY AG and a federal judge to board Up his foundation, Jared Kushner who made what many consider the WORST ever New York real estate deal in the states history, Mick "Whatever"  Mulvaney a leprechaun wanna' be, 'Squinty" Mike Pence who was Trump's campaign transition chief and "Mutt" McConnell who drove his own state of Kentucky into the dirt of poverty and now presides over one of the POOREST states in the union:

      Feel better now ??

  5. Onusonus profile image77
    Onusonusposted 3 weeks ago

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      I don't even know what that means, but I do know "Mutt" McConnell and the vast majority of Russian Republican senators are TOAST in 2020 if not sooner:

      Maybe you missed the GARGANTUAN Woman's march yesterday, strong intelligent women who were a primary reason why the Massive Democratic BLUE Wave of Righteousness washed over the most corrupt white house in history and I'm sure they are gearing Up to demolish the Russian Republican senate in 2020:

    2. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      Just posting the hardcore gruesome facts pertaining to the lame family member Bozo trump brought into our white house named Jared Kushner, the entitled rich boy who is now in charge of "Big Winning DEALZ For America" and by now, I think we all understand what Bozo means by "Big Winning DEALZ" is in reality, "AWFUL Rotten DEALZ For America":

      "How the Kushner Family’s Real Estate Fumble May Entangle Trump's White House"

      "2007, near the peak of the real estate bubble, Kushner Companies made a huge leap from New Jersey apartments to Manhattan high rises. Using only a $50 million down payment against a $1.8 billion purchase price, with financing including short-term, high-interest loans, they purchased the office-and-retail tower at 666 Fifth Avenue.

      Within two years, the global financial crisis had sent New York rents into a tailspin. While Kushner representatives downplay the risk, an exhaustive new report by Bloomberg details how the purchase has since become an albatross. Jared Kushner stepped away from the family business to become a senior adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump, and foreign money may be crucial to salvaging the Kushner investment, raising concerns that Jared Kushner could mix his family’s business with the nation’s." … ald-trump/

  6. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks ago

    Breaking BIG *******: American Workers are FURIOUS with Donald Trump for shutting down our government and forcing millions into financial dire straights: This is nothing less than INSANE, a mentally unstable 72 year old weirdo locking Americans out of their jobs and forcing millions of American Workers into bankruptcy, foreclosure and rent default which could result in 30 day notices to quit: UNREAL and Unacceptable:

    ANGRY Protesters gather outside of "Mutt" McConnell's office to express their concern but Mitch has abandoned his position as senator and is hiding somewhere: Now I guess we all understand how McConnell's state of Kentucky was driven into POVERTY:

    " Federal workers protest government shutdown outside McConnell's office" … 536198002/

    1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
      Kathryn L Hillposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      It's not Trump, Its Nancy et al.  Their obstinate, stupid, treasonous, selfish, STUPID resistance will back-fire on them.
      You'll see.

      1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
        Kathryn L Hillposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this
        1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
          Kathryn L Hillposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

          from the article:
          "His campaign committee along with his two joint fundraising committees raised $18.1 million from July to September, filings show.

          Donald J Trump for President, the president’s campaign committee, has raised over $60 million since January 2017. His two joint committees, Trump Make America Great Again Committee and Trump Victory, collectively raised over $80 million. The funds from these joint fundraising committees overlap with the campaign committee, and raise money for both Trump and the Republican National Committee.

          Many of the donations Trump has received so far are individual contributions under $200, with those small contributions totaling $13 million for his campaign committee and $41 million to the Make America Great Again Committee."

          This amount, "18.1 million from July to September,"  is unprecedented, according to the article.

          $13 million for his campaign committee

          $41 million to the Make America Great Again Committee."

      2. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
        JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

        No comment Kathryn, but everyone knows your previous comments are simply FALSE:

        1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
          Kathryn L Hillposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

          no, they aren't.

          1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
            JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this


            "Shutdown Drags President Trump's Approval Rating Down to 34%: Poll"
            Here's the TRUTH: Americans are FURIOUS with this lame chaotic charlatan taking up space in our oval office: Bozo trump is getting CRUSHED as he should not only for his insane government shut down which is driving millions of American Workers into a financial mess, another of his reckless avoidable atrocities which he could care less about, but while he's causing this unnecessary calamity he's blatantly committing what many experts are calling even more crimes of Obstruction and Witness Tampering in broad daylight which we can't tolerate for very much longer therefore Impeachment / Indictment are INEVITABLE:

            The only other Dire Emergency that compares to the immediate climate change crisis now on our doorsteps is Failure to Remove a seemingly crazed, out of control 72 year megalomaniac who is now running amok in our oval office with seemingly explicit intent to undermine our healthcare system and deconstruct centuries of hard work and dedication it took to establish our societal institutions which keep us safe and healthy:

            "Shutdown Drags President Trump's Approval Rating Down to 34%: Poll"

            "(WASHINGTON) — A strong majority of Americans blame President Donald Trump for the record-long government shutdown and reject his primary rationale for a border wall, according to a new poll that shows the turmoil in Washington is dragging his approval rating to its lowest level in more than a year."


  7. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
    Kathryn L Hillposted 3 weeks ago

    Its a matter of the American People against the Deep State.

    The Deep state wishes to dismantle the Constitution, implement socialism, collapse the economy, take away individual liberty ...
    and then control everything.
    Chuck and Nancy Pelosi are obviously part of the Deep State. They promote chaos by bringing gangs, drugs and illegal aliens through holes in the border. Furthermore, they enable these people to vote democratically for the implementation of socialism.


    1. PrettyPanther profile image84
      PrettyPantherposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this


      This is why Trump will have about 30% of "the people," no matter what he says or does.

      1. Randy Godwin profile image93
        Randy Godwinposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

        If someone had told me pre-Trump that 30% of the voters were simply ignorant enough to fall for the "Deep State" conspiracy, I'd have said no way.

        I suppose I was simply ignorant of their ignorance...

    2. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      "dismantle the Constitution, implement socialism, collapse the economy, take away individual liberty ...
      and then control everything."

      Kathryn, I hope you realize the above list of atrocities is everything Bozo Trump and his complicit republican congressional congress-persons are trying desperately to accomplish and MORE, therefore they must be REMOVED by Impeachment, Indictment and every other legal avenue ASAP:

      I'd be happy to provide the overwhelming evidence of Donald's attempts at deconstructing the USA and our constitution but that would consume days if not months of my time:

      Not sure how some Trump followers can still be so gullible and oblivious to the real facts, but then again, unfortunately for them, some poor lost souls followed Marshall Applewhite and Jim Jones right into the abyss: 

      Here's just one example of Donald's apparent disdain for our constitution:

      "Another blow to Trump’s self-enrichment scheme" … 52fc452c20

  8. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks ago

    Weirdo Elitist Lara Trump has the audacity to say Bozo Trump's Government Shut-Down is just causing a "Little Pain": UNREAL: It's no secret, the Trumps are DESPISED by the overwhelming majority of AMERICANS and here's just one more reason WHY:

    CAPTURED on Film ****: Just remember what Lara Trump says when Bozo Trump's Insane Government Shut-Down forces you, a friend or family member into bankruptcy, or destroys your credit rating because you can't pay certain bills on time, or your rent is late or delinquent, or your children are suffering from a non-nutritious diet because you can no longer afford groceries, or your vehicle is repossessed due to late payments:

    Disgusting and Despicable Words of from a Disgusting and Despicable Trump Family Member: And you thought Donald was the ONLY psychopathic elite entitled old man in the family? Think Again:

    1. Randy Godwin profile image93
      Randy Godwinposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      Her version of "Let them eat cake"!  Disgusting even for a Trump family member to say.

      1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
        JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

        It's absolutely despicable Randy and that's just another obvious reason WHY Americans can't stomach the Trumps and believe it or not, here's another despicable Trump Admin character Wilbur Ross who said he doesn't understand WHY Government Workers not getting paid because of Bozo Trump's insane shut-down, need homeless shelters:

        Watch this despicable old krinkled up rat:

        1. Randy Godwin profile image93
          Randy Godwinposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

          Yep, saw that clip live and was just as disgusted by his drivel as with the daughter-in-law's.  The rich cannot understand what normal citizens experience in their lives.

          1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
            JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

            Yeah Randy, this whole 2 year sham pulled over on a very small percentage of we the people has gotten very old even Donald's last remaining followers, Americans are sick of it and Donald's approval ratings continue to collapse: Latest CBS News POLL:

            36% Approval 59% Disapproval

            But what else could republicans possibly expect after Donald has driven millions of Americans into dire financial situations over a useless delusional ancient concrete wall built somewhere inside his flat head: UNREAL:

  9. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 3 weeks ago

    White Nationalist Anarchist Ann Coulter said this yesterday, in quotes at page bottom, and of course it's TRUE: Bozo Trump is indeed the biggest wimp: Somebodt DEMANDS that he shut down our government to undermine democracy and he does, our arch enemy Communist Vladimir Putin tells him to jump and he says how high? Wall Street Greed Mongers DEMAND him to implement a "Corporate Welfare Tax Cut SCAM" so they can receive TRILLIONS of our money only to box it up and ship it to foreign lands and he along with his Russian Republican Congress-person Cohorts pass an abominable and perhaps criminal law which does this, somebody perhaps Vladimir Putin tells him to SABOTAGE the HealthCare System of the USA and he does without question: YES, he is absolutely the WEAKEST and most mentally unstable illegitimate president in our modern history:

    Alt Right Crazy White Nationalist Ann Coulter SAYS:

    "Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States."

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      So, in a couple dreadful weeks, what will Bozo Trump be forced to do? Cause another insane government shut down and destroy the financial well being of even MORE of his little sheep followers, or announce an insane FAKE "National Emergency" ?

  10. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 2 weeks ago

    Mad-man Bozo trump got the surprise of his pathetic political life when actually thought he could HOODWINK his own remaining followers into believing an unnecessary destructive government shut-down which forced many of them into an irreversible financial mess, would actually somehow be good for them but guess what? It was nothing less than CATASTROPHIC for Bozo because even many of his previously "Dumbed Down" voters are beginning to look past his self serving, crazy chronic insane BS to look at how destructive his ideas truly are and how he's systematically undermining our very existence:

    I doubt if Bozo goes the shut-down route again to try and force financing from we the tax-payers to pour 2,000 miles of bloated dumb, useless concrete which will stop nothing, even if Vladimir Putin orders him to, so this time I'm assuming he'll announce some Fake PHONY "National Emergency Decree" which will end up being even MORE of a catastrophe than his last shut-down, only to be defeated in court by the Powerful REISTANCE:

    1. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
      JAKE Earthshineposted 13 days agoin reply to this

      Americans know a poorly executed con-job when they see one: OVERWHELMING Majority OPPOSE Declaring a National Emergency for Bozo Trump's Delusional Fake PHONY Border Crisis: The ONLY thing Mr. Ugly HATE Mouth seems to be adept at is digging massive deep dark holes for himself to end up jumping in:

      66% Do NOT Declare National Emergency
      34% YES, Declare National Emergency

      Wait until he declares it, and then watch even his last remaining followers dump him faster than a radioactive hair piece: … rump-hotel

  11. JAKE Earthshine profile image79
    JAKE Earthshineposted 3 days ago

    I'd certainly like to claim supernatural clairvoyant powers but Donald Trump's apparent severe mental illnesses which he displays in public make it exceedingly easy to predict his future moves with incredible accuracy and unfortunately for the USA, our enemies can predict the same to our detriment:

    A couple weeks ago I predicted Donald would continue to destroy himself in a mad rage of anger and erratic behavior and severely harm the collapsing republican party by declaring a FAKE Phony "National Emergency" and of course the press reports indicate he will do that very thing soon, not to protect the nation, but to protect his deeply delusional, racist campaign promises to build a big useless concrete wall paid for by a foreign country which will NEVER be built because the "Great Federal Land Grab" from private property owners will NEVER happen for innumerable reasons;

    Now, we are forced once again to endure yet another bout of non-stop nation degrading insanity perpetrated by a mad retarded 72 year old impostor president: For the sake of this ailing nation, let the impeachment hearings commence immediately:


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