Biden, Blah Blah Blah --- But What About Senator Tim Scott?

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  1. Sharlee01 profile image80
    Sharlee01posted 2 years ago

    I have little to say about Biden's speech to the Nation, other than it was a typical political speech. Filled to the brim with half-truths, and fluffy BS plans that will not make it to see the light of day. . He made an effort to point out what he felt were accomplishments that he seems to feel he provided in his first 100 days.  Yes, he has offered up lots of plans, but nothing has been accomplished in regards to all his progressive proposals. His one accomplishment was the stimulus bill, which was a gimmie. Five other stimulus-related bills were passed in Trump's last months due to the Pandemic, they all were gimmies.  He continues to hide not in his basement any longer but in the White House.   Biden's first 100 days just does not cut it for me. Biden will come up against gridlock like no other president has had to withstand before him.

    So, how about Senator Tim Scott Republican response to Biden's speech? How refreshing was that?  He gave a speech that drew my full attention, partly his delivery, but mostly because he used facts, not platitudes.  Biden's had plenty of attractive pandering words, but they were just words that held little chance of ever coming to fruition in his presidency. As Scott pointed out in his own way, the people are not looking for empty promises of flowery programs and giveaways...  Pointing out we need policies that will bring us closer, not pull us further and further apart.

    Biden gave details about his American Families Plan, a huge tax and spending bill focused on health care, child care, and education, the American Jobs Plan, and infrastructure proposal- blah blah blah.  These proposals all require  Congress to pass over $4 trillion in spending. In my view, this will never happen.   Scott called the American Jobs Plan a "liberal wishlist of big government waste."   Republicans have already made it clear the price tags for these proposals are unacceptable. So, the writing is on the wall, his plans will be sacked in the Senate.

    Senator Scott shared his own experience with discrimination as a Black man. He noted and spoke of the bill he proposed on police reform last year that had been blocked by Democrats without even giving it consideration.   He also raised social issues that are motivating voters on the right, such as recent efforts to center the history of slavery and discrimination in the current political conversation.  Scott, like other Republicans, argued that Democrats are invoking racism to score political points, literally pitting race against race.  In my view, in this form of politicking, literally talking down to minorities, makes them look unintelligent and needy of Government to handle every aspect of their lives. If this kind of rhetoric was directed at me, I would find it highly insulting. But this racist politicking maneuver seems to have taken hold, and is adding to the countries division.

    Scott said -- "America is not a racist country,"  "Race is not a political weapon to settle every issue like one side wants."

    Scott offered an alternative vision for the future as the country.  "I look forward to having an honest conversation with the American people and sharing Republicans' optimistic vision for expanding opportunity and empowering working families."

    After Scott's speech, Twitter has allowed many racist remarks that have been aimed at Senator Scott, referring to him as "Uncle Tim".  This is so obviously the left's attempt to smear Scott, and hopefully stir up rhetoric about this man to overshadow his wonderful speech and refreshing honesty.  It always baffles me how black people label successful black citizens as Uncles.  It would seem these people would be smarter to consider the path these successful people took to overcome the problems that racism has caused.

    Hopefully, you will share thoughts on last night's speeches, Scott's as well as Biden's.

    Senator Scott Response To Biden's Speech ---

    Biden's full speech to Congress  ---

    1. GA Anderson profile image90
      GA Andersonposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I also watched Pres. Biden's speech, but I missed Tim Scott's speech.

      From the perspective of the American public, I think his speech will be seen as a great one. How can it not be—he promised so much free stuff he ran out of things to give. Then, he threw so much Democrat red meat on the table as he villainized conservatives, rich folks, and Big Business that some got left on the table because his audience just couldn't gorge on all of it.

      So, I think he gave a great political speech. The Republicans should take note; this isn't the campaign trail Joe Biden. It looks like the Democrats are going for all the marbles while they have the power. And they do have it, at least until the Mid-terms.

      Bipartisanship* and President for all Americans won't even get lip service anymore.
      *Yes, I know the Republicans are working hard to make sure no bipartisanship will ever happen—in the view of the Democrats.

      I think you should be more worried about what they will be able to push through. With the exception of some components that may get axed for technical reasons—like the $15 min. wage in the Covid bill, I don't think Manchin will be the stumbling block a lot of pundits are saying he will be.

      And like the ACA, once these freebies are in place it will be very difficult for any future administration to undo them.


      1. Sharlee01 profile image80
        Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        I can only speak from my perspective in regards to great political speeches, and that would be a biased view. When I think of great political speeches I think of the words that have carried through time.

        "Ask what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you"  --   "General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate.
            Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate!
            Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
        I could not quote one memorable line from Biden's speech.

        "There is not a liberal America and a conservative America - there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America - there's the United States of America.  Barack Obama

        I can only remember a couple of lines that stood out in my view.  I Biden's speech to Congress ---  “We The People” Are The Government".  I took offense at him misconstruing the Constitution.  The People are not the government.
        We the people are protected by the Constitution FROM the government.

        And ---  "The United States accounts, as all of you know, for less than 15 percent of carbon emissions. The rest of the world accounts for 85 percent. That’s why I kept my commitment to rejoin the Paris Accord because if we do everything perfectly, it’s not going to matter."

        OH well at least he spoke his truth, But If it's not going to matter, did his statement go to reassure the New Green Deal was all that worth it? "it's not going to matter"...

        It would be a real fight to get rid of the filibuster. I don't think it will happen.

        I also think or I should say hope that citizens will realize the cost of ll Joe's wishlist, and realize we can't continue to print money. I mean 20%  of all the cash circulating in our history has been printed in the last 12 months. Wonder how this will sit when the media start to push that fact, and how if we continue down this path the dollar will be badly devaluated. … d-in-2020/

        I agree once freebies are put in place they are hard to get rid of. Hopefully, the GOP stands its ground. If we ever needed a traffic jam it's now.

        1. wilderness profile image94
          wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Fret not your heart: I've seen this claim several times lately, albeit mostly as "35% of all cash in circulation was printed in one year".

          The claim you mention cannot possibly be true; it would mean that even though we typically print about $540,000,000 each day, we printed 1/3 of all the cash that was printed in the last 200 years in just one year.  We do not have the printing capacity to do that, not unless we normally send the personnel home for 50 of the 52 weeks each year.

          The 35% of all cash in circulation might be true, but fails to mention that the printing presses run not so much to produce new money, but to replace trashed money.  A dollar bill, for instance, lasts only 18 months which means that 66% of all dollar bills must be replaced each year. 

          The claim is both wildly exaggerated and fails to tell the "rest of the story" in all of it's manifestations.

          1. Sharlee01 profile image80
            Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

            I have read several articles that made the claim that 35% of all money printed was printed in 2020. Your comment prompted me to look further into the claim. This article gives a good picture of the overabundance of money circulation in the economy. I will need to edit my comment to GA. Thanks for the good correction.
   … d-in-2020/

            So, what did you think of the two speeches?  Good, bad,  ugly?

            1. wilderness profile image94
              wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

              Frankly I didn't like either one of them. Biden spoke to his party, outlining massive spending without giving any true indication of where it would come from, except "Tax the rich some more".  And, of course, that it is "fair" for one to pay a thousand times what another does for the same product.

              Time spoke to his party, explaining that Biden is full of s***.  Both were purely political speeches without any real substance.

              1. Sharlee01 profile image80
                Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

                I see where you are coming from. But I felt Scott did a nice job in debating Biden policies without cutting Biden off at the knees, as Trump would have done.  He did it in a gentlemanly way.  No going for the throat like those that later on Twitter labeled him an Uncle Tim. And I loved the even temperament he used to deal with his bullies.

                1. wilderness profile image94
                  wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

                  I would have preferred he cut Biden off at the knees.  While I never did like Trump's language or methodology, I did appreciate his distinct lack of political correctness.  Scott was certainly more "gentlemanly", but he was also the politician, speaking in the political language and I for one am very tired of that.  Much prefer to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth without the sugar coating and weaselly language of the politician.

                  At the same time, his even temperament was a welcome departure from the rants of Trump.

                  1. Sharlee01 profile image80
                    Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

                    I too loved Trump's bombastic way of going after an opponent and just telling it like it is. I relistened to Scott's speech. He kept to facts, and actually, the bias left fact-checkers are having a hard time spinning anything on his speech. They tried but the very lackluster twisting of context.

                    Yes, he is a politician, But not all Americans could take a non-politician. Hence we now have Biden. Hopefully, many will wake up quickly and see we were on the right track with a guy that might not have been everyone's cup of tea, but was doing a good job solving problems.

        2. GA Anderson profile image90
          GA Andersonposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          My description of "great speech" had two qualifiers; "from the perspective of the American public. . ." and ". . . political speech." I wasn't intending "great" in a historical sense.

          The rest of the thought about the Democrats currently having the political will and legislative power to go for it was the context around that "great speech" rating.


          1. Sharlee01 profile image80
            Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

            Yes, the media made it very clear that America loved Biden's speech.  Some of what the pundits shared could make one nauseous.  The following day the online articles were just as glowing.   Just today I noted a story on AOL that had Joe picking a dandelion for Jill. That tidbit overshadows my favorite report about Biden's favorite flavor of ice cream.

            So yes, it was a great speech in the eyes of the majority, or maybe the majority of the media that shovel that red meat. I mean is that not where we heard all the great reviews?

            1. GA Anderson profile image90
              GA Andersonposted 2 years agoin reply to this

              I watched CNN pre-speech and post-speech. Pre-speech they were so gushy I thought they might just melt into the euphoria self-flagellation. Post-speech they were so full of emotional self-righteousness that I wanted to hand them a box of tissues.

              Fox coverage, in their expected denouncements, was almost as bad—in complete criticism. But, there was one thing about Fox that put them above CNN; even with the spin of their bias, at least they spoke to the facts about the president's proposals. Something CNN didn't even address.


              1. Sharlee01 profile image80
                Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

                I did the same kept flipping back between the three major news stations.  All sowing bias. However, I agree Fox did dive into the root of Joe's wishlist. 

                I still look for a line or two to jump out and become memorable.

  2. Credence2 profile image80
    Credence2posted 2 years ago

    I am most pleased with President Biden, his address and the direction he points toward.

    So, I LIKE IT.....

    1. Sharlee01 profile image80
      Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      His speech did point out his direction. And I can see by watching some various media programs they are reporting the same feelings as you gleaned from his words. I was not impressed, the speech to me was very much the same old same old... His delivery was good, and his message to his base was very good.  he delivered what was expected of him. It certainly was a return to normalcy if one likes normalcy he hit the mark.

      It is his first 200 days, so I would be prudent to just say to a true believer  -- the proof is in the pudding...

      What did you think of Tim Scotts' response speech?

      1. Credence2 profile image80
        Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Relatively, mild and subdued rebuttal response. From his perspective, the Dems are not bipartisan in their approach. If we waited for Republican approval on everything nothing would get done and that is unacceptable to Mr. Biden.

        While I like where Biden is leading, is there a danger of our agenda going too far? Where is that point? It depends on your political and ideological affiliation at this moment.

        Of course, I am not going to agree wholeheartedly with Scott. If Biden's approach is unsuccessful in the next 4 years, conservatives can always introduce a new and improved Trump model for 2024 and might even win.

        1. wilderness profile image94
          wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          And if we wait for any real compromise that is unacceptable to Biden.  Bi-partisan, to Biden, means "accept whatever I propose".

          1. Credence2 profile image80
            Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

            The buck stops here. Mr. Biden will ultimately be held accountable for the well being of the country, nobody shares that responsibility and obligation as directly as does the President. The people with 7 million excess votes made it loud in clear which path they wanted to pursue.

            1. Sharlee01 profile image80
              Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

              Now, this is just my view. But I feel many that voted for him did so due to his claim of being moderate. I think that some are feeling disappointed with his very left expensive agenda.

              He maybe should have not have made so many promises that were distant to fail due to Gridlock. I mean he knows the score in regard to Congress gridlock.  I think he over-promised not using good sense. People do not like to be lied to.

              1. Credence2 profile image80
                Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

                I understand, Sharlee, but it is not my view. We simply come from different realities and the fact that Biden has accommodated more of us on the left than I ever expected rather then folding up like a lawn chair before Republicans and their agenda is a positive for me.

                Pop used to say that it was better to shoot for the stars and hit an eagle rather than shoot for eagle and hit a rock in the mud.

                Starting out like a milquetoast is not going to make you any friends. We are Democrats and we elected a Democrat president under what I consider a fair and square process. Of course, conservatives are going to be disappointed, short of Biden being a conservative and embracing GOP dogma, was I to expect anything else?

        2. Sharlee01 profile image80
          Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

          "Of course, I am not going to agree wholeheartedly with Scott. If Biden's approach is unsuccessful in the next 4 years, conservatives can always introduce a new and improved Trump model for 2024 and might even win.'

          Or perhaps the republicans could put up a Senator with a relatively, mild and subdued manner about him, with very good education and history although short of putting forth common-sense policy... That both sides should or may come to appreciate. A person that has just a tad of Trumpism. Hey, Scott is impressive in my book. I will be watching this man, and so far I like what I have seen.  His way of handling being called an Uncle Tim was wonderful. His character in this incident showed him to be even-tempered and very well-spoken.  He rose above the fray. His speech IMO scored low on the politicking scale. One did not need to think about, what he was trying to say, his words were clear, no dog whistles or statements geared toward either party. Just good common sense.

  3. Live to Learn profile image60
    Live to Learnposted 2 years ago

    Contrasting the individuals,  you see why Tim Scott's speech was so much better. In the left,  there's an old white liberal spinning the same bs we've heard for years.  On the right,  a young conservative of color who is the picture of the American dream.

    Who wouldn't be inspired by Scott? Who could be inspired by Biden? One is the fulfillment of the dream of hard work resulting in success.  The other is the reality of a government flailing around,  trying to find ways to give people reason to ignore the failures of our federal government; thus, enabling them to create massive spending packages we know will result in more fraud than help for those in need.

    1. Sharlee01 profile image80
      Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I love how you come right to the root of any conversation. So well said. One more or less telling us the American dream is achievable even with stumbling blocks one can work through   The other telling us the American dream will be dished up on a silver platter, without needing to do much of anything.

  4. Credence2 profile image80
    Credence2posted 2 years ago

    When I thought about Senator Scott this weekend, I think of the incredible token the GOP used to make a rebuttal to President Biden's address in Tim Scott. Can it be a coincidence that the sole Black GOP senator was picked to make the rebuttal?

    It would make one think that Senator Scott would be a rising star in the GOP, but not so fast...

    The way this man expressed himself in the rebuttal and his political inclination generally, show him to be a moderate in a party where generally far right is their center. He could never satiate the needs of the true believing "red meat" crowd. It was just a little bit of guile to give an impression of a diverse political party when such is not the case.

    But in all fairness, though, rumor has it that GOP non-white Congressperson members has risen somewhat in 2020, so maybe I should stay tuned......

    1. Sharlee01 profile image80
      Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I think you may be right about the GOP putting him at that podium. The GOP sees the Democratic party as using race-baiting to stir up their black base. So who better than a well-spoken black man to tell the nation "America is not a racist Nation". It was most likely a political ploy. However, many of us Republicans stood up and took note of this man, me being one of them.

      When he won his senate seat are started keeping an eye on how he voted, listened to several of his interviews, and di some reading on Scott.
      He became the first black Republican elected to any office in South Carolina since the late 19th century and won his race by 61%.

      It did not surprise me to see the Uncle Tim rhetoric, I mean I am sure the Dems are not liking what they hear and see in regards to many wagons circling around Scott for a possible run in 2024.

      One thing he has proved to me, he is a fighter and does not let much stop him. He is not a typical political tell you what you want to her kind of man.
      As you say he is moderate, and very common sense. He has some of the qualities I liked about Trump, without Trump's tell it like it si manner.

      I really thought his Justice Act was impressive, as I did his work on opportunity zones. 

      The GOP most likely did try to make an attempt to look more diverse having Scott give the response to Biden's speech. However, they also might be coming around to being more diverse, it's very much overdue.

      Not sure if his speech captured the attention of the majority of  Republicans.  I liked what I heard, and will continue to follow him.

      Wondering if the GOP should realize the Republican constituency has changed, just one of the reasons Trump won. Many of us have for some time been searching for change, more transparency, less Government. Not sure they have much control over how the majority of their constituency vote anymore. 

      He clearly does not see himself as a token,  and I won't see him as a token. I respect what he said, how he said it, and the very fact that this black man showed such dignity when handling the situation of being labeled an Uncle.

      1. Credence2 profile image80
        Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        In the world of the GOP divided into two faction, those that idolize Trump and the those that represent the generally conservative center Right of the party, Sen. Scott is clearly part of the latter group and is on the moderate side of that, just not as outspoken as a Liz Cheney, or the late Senator, John McCain. Sen. Scott has carefully walked a tightrope of not offending the Trumpers yet not  embracing them either. I don't find any black Republicans really embracing the Trump wing of the party.

        What conservatives never seem to realize is that putting a black face on a political party whose policies and ideology has been contrary to the interests of our electorate never gets very far. Refined Democrats like me have long since knew this.

        He seems a nice enough fellow, but my issue is with the GOP and its ideology regardless of who is carrying its banner.

        Republicans will never agree to nominate Scoot, like I said, fundamentally he is too moderate for the party as it stands now. Someone like Ted Cruz is more what they are looking for. A great purveyor of the highest quality of red meat.

        1. Sharlee01 profile image80
          Sharlee01posted 2 years agoin reply to this

          When looking back on how Trump was laughed at by Democrats and the moderate  Conservative Republicans when he came down that escalator and Joe Biden being nominated and winning the presidency. I think the people are the ones being heard, not the parties at this point. So, I won't count anyone out.  I hope the Republican party wakes up to the fact we don't want Washington hacks in the White House, but a Trump with a better way of communicating. Perhaps someone with a ton of good common sense to bring the country along to where it should be.


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