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Like peace? Then join the fight!

  1. Eye rock 4ever profile image52
    Eye rock 4everposted 8 years ago

    Hi! Hope you are real music lovers! I am pushing this Metallica Megadeth make up! World leaders need to learn from 2 men, real men, who has learned to make peace! Can we come together , use them as the poster board for peace, and maybe make a difference? The Union for Concerned Scientists are counting on us to become one voice to bring peace for the sake of our planet. We need to take measures now, to unite all our resources and concentrate on a world solution that can bring global peace, planet fruition, and world awareness of the plight of this place we call home. Wouldn't you defend your home from negative and destructive powers like government, and other world leaders, if they were invading your home? Well planet Earth is your home! North, south, east, and west! Make a stand to take a stand! Help our Mother Earth protect us! Protect her!

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      B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      First, I must say this..I know Dave personally, I had all access passes for North America when Al Petrelli was their guitarist - This is not to make peace, they never hated each other.There was a time in the very early 1980's where some ties were broken but have been mended way before this concert is taking place.
      ( if you actualy need proof I have a closet of memorabilia and albums full of photos from my time spent with Megadeth and the bands they held shows with, along with I used to actually get sent recordings from artists to listen to and pass on to the band members if I thought the band was good enough to help open a show for them ..I have stacks of CD's and also used to help moderate their Website back when "The World Needs A Hero" was being promoted heavily in the U.S. - I am PrincezDarknez who did alot of promotions for them )
      Them playing a tour together is to make money. This is why over the years both bands have changed their style of music, to suit the new generations so they can make money.

      If it promotes peace, which their concerts usually end with some injured fans due to the moshing and what not ( totally the fan's own faullts ), that is wonderful. I have also seen Metallica play over 17 times in my life, dating back to the "..AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" tour...which has also been one big moshing event.

      Have fun, go to promote peace yourself like your intent, but if that is your goal, stay out of the line of fire and moshing. This show is a metal tour not out there to bring worlds and such together, it is a money making opportunity for musicians who play their music well, the bands do not intend to make this some "Peace Promotion" concert...It is to entertain the fans and play like they have for many, many years..we are talking since before a lot of the newer fans were even born.

      MEGADETH always puts on a hardcore show and it looks like and atomic bomb hit the arena once the show is over, Metallica has mellowed their shows down to an extreme level over the years, just a note...

      Remember, PEACE SELLS....but WHO's BUYING my friend....
      ~ B.C. aka "the ORIGINAL PRINCEZDARKNEZ from Ohio, USA "

      and yes, sorry for the typo's..I am the best at making typo's...lmfao and spelling errors, I can not forget that! smile

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    sneakorocksolidposted 8 years ago

    I want some of your pot!

    1. Eye rock 4ever profile image52
      Eye rock 4everposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Big picture, you are an alien, livin' on a big rock in space, that is decaying  with every breath you take!  You don't need pot, you need a reality check!

  3. Eye rock 4ever profile image52
    Eye rock 4everposted 8 years ago

    Want a reality check!
    Big picture? YOU are an alien, that just happens to be at the top of the food chain, livin' on a big rock in space, that is decaying with every breath we take! Isn't life grand! Definition of Life?
        Life is a sexually transmitted disease that is terminal!

  4. MikeNV profile image80
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    Peace and Fight in the same headline.

    Seems a bit contradictory.

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    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years ago

    BTW - Megadeth has taken up with Testament and is playing US dates and I know this concert was supposed to happen but the word has it now that the concert will not feature Megadeth and never was supposed to even feature Testament, for they are currently together on a US tour .