Opinion polls: Obama's health care reform law Worries Americans

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    Poppa Bluesposted 7 years ago


    And rightly so! One need only look at the MS plan which the new law is pretty much modeled after. Health care costs have risen higher then the national average. The estimated cost of the MA plan 88 million is actually going to cost 900 million, just a little off! Emergency room care which was thought would go down once everyone was insured has actually risen!

    This is what America has to look forward to. Incredibly everyone in the country knows this except the politicians and Obama that shoved this plan down our throats. I will be surprised to see if this plan, if it survives challenges and repeal, will cost less than 5 trillion dollars when and if it is fully implemented. I will be shocked, if America's credit rating doesn't fall below AAA by 2014.